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Contact Sheet

A contact sheet is an alternate option for multiple image printing. A contact sheet can be created for a folder of images and can include images in subfolders if desired. To create a contact sheet, choose File > Automate > Contact Sheet II and browse to locate the folder to use. Check the Include All Subfolders option to include images in all subfolders.

Set the dimensions of the page by using the Document Width and Height options—make this a little smaller than your paper size to allow for printer margins. Set the document resolution, set the mode (typically you’ll use RGB Color), and enable the Flatten All Layers option if you want the final document to be reduced to a single layer. Configure how many columns and rows of thumbnails to create on the page—this determines the largest possible thumbnail size that you can read from the right side of the dialog box (see Figure 6).

Figure 6

Figure 6 The Contact Sheet tool enables you to specify a series of columns and rows for printing image thumbnails.

You can also include a caption for each image; for example, the filename and the font and size to use for this text. When you click OK, Photoshop creates as many contact sheets as are needed to fit all the images in the folders. After the contact sheets are created, you can save and print them as you would any other Photoshop file.

One issue when using the Contact Sheet tool to print multiple images is that the images are all printed in the orientation that they appear in the folder (they’re not rotated to fit), and they will be sized to fit the thumbnail size. So a landscape image printed as a 2x2-inch thumbnail will be 2 inches wide but less than 2 inches tall. A portrait image printed as a 2x2-inch thumbnail will be 2 inches tall but less than 2 inches wide (see Figure 7).

Figure 7

Figure 7 The thumbnail sizes in the Contact Sheet are maximum sizes, and some images will print smaller than this.

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