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FileMaker Basics

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FileMaker's Toolbars

By default, only the Standard toolbar appears when you launch FileMaker, though its appearance changes depending on which mode you're working in ( Figures 3.21 3.22 ). FileMaker also includes a Text Formatting toolbar ( Figure 3.23 ), which can be very handy when you're creating layouts and naming fields. The Arrange and Tools toolbars are available only in Layout mode ( Figures 3.24 3.25 ).


Figure 3.21 FileMaker's Standard toolbar looks pretty much the same in Browse, Find, and Preview modes, though different icons are dimmed.


Figure 3.22 In Layout mode, the Standard toolbar includes tools for creating layouts and defining their parts and relationships.


Figure 3.23 Available in all four modes, the Text Formatting toolbar provides quick access to FileMaker's major text-related tools.


Figure 3.24 The Arrange toolbar, available only in Layout mode, helps you group and arrange various layout objects.


Figure 3.25 The Tools toolbar, also only available in Layout mode, offers fast access to FileMaker's design tools.

To turn on/off toolbars

  1. Choose View > Toolbars and select a toolbar from the submenu to turn it on or off ( Figure 3.26 ). Checked toolbars are already on; unchecked ones are off.

    Figure 3.26 To turn toolbars on or off, choose View > Toolbars and make a selection from the submenu.

  2. Release your cursor on the selected toolbar and by default, it will appear in the area below FileMaker's menu bar.
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