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Putting Gradients to Work

In "Creating New Gradients" earlier in this chapter, you learned how to create color blends. Flash treats gradients just like any other fill. You use the paint-bucket tool to fill outline shapes with a gradient and the brush tool to create freeform swashes of gradient color.

To fill a shape (or replace a solid fill) with a gradient:

  1. In the Toolbar, select the paint-bucket icon.
  2. In the Color Mixer panel, define a new gradient. or From the Color Swatches panel, or the fill-color box in the Toolbar or Property Inspector, choose an existing linear gradient ( Figure 3.94 ) or radial gradient ( Figure 3.95 ).

    Figure 3.94 You can use the paint-bucket tool to apply a linear-gradient fill.


    Figure 3.95 The paint-bucket tool can also apply a radial-gradient fill.

  3. Click the paint bucket's hot spot (the tip of the drip of paint) somewhere inside the outline shape or within the existing fill. The shape fills with the gradient currently displayed in the fill-color boxes.

To paint with an unlocked gradient:

  1. In the Toolbar, select the brush tool.
  2. Make sure that the Lock Fill modifier is deselected ( Figure 3.96 ).

    Figure 3.96 Deselect the Lock Fill modifier to paint with an unlocked gradient.

  3. Using one of the methods described in the preceding exercises, choose a gradient.
  4. Paint with the brush as described in Chapter 2. Flash cannot preview the shape you paint with the gradient you chose, as it can do with solid-color fills. The preview shape has a black-and-white pattern.
  5. When you finish your brush stroke, release the mouse button. Flash redraws the painted shape, using the gradient currently selected in the fill-color box. Flash fills the shape's bounding box (an invisible rectangle that's just the right size to enclose the shape) with the gradient. The painted shape reveals portions of that gradient pattern ( Figure 3.97 and Figure 3.98 ).

    Figure 3.97 A painted shape with a linear-gradient fill.


    Figure 3.98 A painted shape with a radial-gradient fill.

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