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True Confessions

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Photo Tinting

Tinting a color photo with a solid color is very popular and fairly easy—once you know how. That’s why in this tutorial, I not only show you how to tint a photo but also how to take that tinted print and add some simple elements to create a full-size poster. What I really like about this technique is that it lets you take a fairly boring photo and turn it into something artistic quickly and easily.

Step One. Open the photo you want to apply a tint effect to. Create a new blank document (File>New) that’s larger than the photo, then press the letter “v” to switch to the Move tool and drag-and-drop your photo onto this larger document (as shown here). We’re doing this because we’re not only going to tint the photo, but create a poster with the tinted photo (of course, the tinting is the technique—the poster part is to expand the technique by creating a real-world project using the tinted image).
Step Two. Command-click (PC: Control-click) on the photo’s thumbnail in the Layers palette to put a selection around the image. Choose Hue/Saturation from the Create New Adjustment Layer pop-up menu (it’s the fourth icon from the left) at the bottom of the Layers palette. When the dialog appears, click on the Colorize checkbox. Then move the Hue slider to choose your tint (in this case, move the Hue slider to 75). Then, because this photo has large areas of lighter tones, you’ll need to darken the image a bit by lowering the Lightness slider to -25. Click OK and a greenish tint is applied to the image. Easy enough, eh? Now on to the rest of the poster project.
Step Three. Let’s add a stroke—choose Stroke from the Create a Layer Style pop-up menu at the bottom of the Layers palette. When the dialog appears, click on the Color swatch and change the stroke color to black. Increase the Size to 8 and change the Position pop-up menu to Inside so the stroke doesn’t have rounded corners. Click OK to apply the stroke.
Step Four. Now, we’ll add two of the three “high-tech” elements we learned in the “high-tech” tutorial earlier in this chapter. Add two small paragraphs using the Type tool set to white, setting the font as Helvetica at 3 points in the Character palette, and drop in a couple of larger plus signs (+). And maybe a deep thoughtful line of text, like “Where does one find the truth?” set in Helvetica in all caps. Lower the Opacity of the Type layers in the Layers palette.
Step Five. To finish the poster, you can add some text below the image (as shown here). The words “truth in advertising” are set in Helvetica Regular. The type directly below that is set in Copperplate Gothic Regular. The fictitious gallery name is set in Trajan Pro (which comes with Photoshop CS), and that completes the project.
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