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Placing the Video Clip in a Table

One advantage of using Dreamweaver to publish your Flash video is that it is easy to integrate your video with other HTML content on the page, such as JPG images, links, or even other Flash SWF content.

To facilitate this integration, it is best to insert your Flash video into a table.

To center the video in the page, create a one-row, one-column table and center it using standard HTML (see Figure 7).

Figure 7

Figure 7 and 8 Create a one-row, one-column table and center it.

Then insert the Flash video clip (see Figure 8).

Figure 8

Figure 8 Insert the Flash video clip.

To place content adjacent to the video clip, create a two-column table and then place text, images, or even additional video clips in the first column and the video clip in the second colulmn. To add content above or below the video clip, add more rows to the table and insert the desired content.

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