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Other Shape Ideas

Stars are simple to make:

  1. Select the Polygon tool.
  2. Set the number of points on the star by entering a value in the Sides box.
  3. Display the Geometry Options palette, using the drop-down arrow.
  4. Select the Star check box. If desired, click Smooth Corners.
  5. Adjust the indent amount, if desired, and select the Smooth Indents option if you want a more organic (less pointed) shape.
  6. Click Paths, Fill Pixels, or Shape Layers as needed and drag outward from the midpoint to create your star shape. To adjust the star’s rotation, rotate the shape with the mouse before letting go (see Figure 7).
Figure 7

Figure 7 Use the Polygon tool and the Polygon Options palette to create a star-shaped path.

All shapes can be used to make cutouts from photos. Select the shape, select the Paths option, and draw the shaped path. From the foot of the Paths palette, click the Load Path as Selection icon to convert the path to a selection. Invert the selection by choosing Select > Inverse, and then press Delete to cut a shaped selection from an image (see Figure 8).

Figure 8

Figure 8 Convert a path to a selection, invert it, and use it to crop a shape from an image.

Another option when drawing shapes using the Paths option is to edit the path and create your own shapes from Photoshop’s built-in shapes. Draw the shape as a path and then use the path-editing tools to deform and alter the shape before saving it as a new custom shape.

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