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Accessing Mailman’s Website

After the web service is up and running, and you’ve enabled mailing lists through Server Admin (as discussed in part 1 of this series), you can access Mailman’s administrative web page at http://yourserver/mailman/admin.

This page will display any public lists (by default, any list other than the default mailman administrators list is created as a public list), and you can click a link for the list on this page to view its administration page. There is also a link to create a new list. You can add the name of the list directly to the administrator web page’s URL to go directly to a list’s administration page (for example, http://yourserver/mailman/admin/mylist). This can be useful if you give users administrative privileges to specific mailing lists.

Mailman also offers a lists overview page. This page, located at http://yourserver/mailman/listinfo, displays all public mailing lists created on the server. Users can click a list to find out more information about the list and to subscribe, unsubscribe, or change their list preferences. For users to manage their membership, you must have enabled the Users May Self-Subscribe option when creating the list. As with list administration pages, users can access the web page for a specific list by adding the name of the list to the end of this URL (that is, http://yourserver/mailman/listinfo/mylist).

You can create mailing lists using Mailman’s administration website or using Server Admin. In fact, when you click the link on the administration page to create a new list, you’ll notice that the fields on this pages are the exact same fields displayed when you click the New List button in Server Admin. There are two advantages of using the website. First, after you’ve created the list, you can immediately manage additional settings for it. Second—and more important—if you attempt to create a list in Server Admin, and there is a problem with your server configuration, no error messages are displayed when you click the Save button to write your changes to the server. The new list simply disappears. Using the website, an error message will be displayed, giving you some insight into the problem.

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