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Creating New Elements

The last territory I want to discuss is the bottom bar area of the Project panel (Figures 3.26). Here you can perform several tasks and create numerous items for your project.

Figure 3.26

Figure 3.26 From the left, the icons in the bottom menu bar of the Project window are List View, Icon View, Automate to Timeline, Search, New Bin, New Item, and Trash

From the left, the icons are:

  • List View and Icon View. Click these icons to toggle between the Project panel's two views.
  • Automate to Timeline. Click the third icon to automatically edit a selection of clips by having them placed back to back with the option of having transitions between them. This function is explored completely in Chapter 14.
  • Search. Click the binoculars to bring up a search tool that allows you to search the Project panel from any column based on a number of criteria: Column is which column you want to search in, Operator is the criterion, and Find What is the area where you type the characters you are looking for. Case Sensitive ensures the search respects upper- and lowercase character values.
  • New Bin. Click this icon to create a new bin that has its name field selected so that you can type the new name immediately. Whatever bin is selected or has the focus of the Project panel is where the new bin will be created.
  • New Item. Click the New Item button to open a list of choices: Sequence, Offline Files, Titles, Bars and Tone, Black Video, Color Matte, and Universal Counting Leader. Simply choose the type of item you'd like to create. You will learn the appropriate uses for each of these items as you step through the lessons in later chapters.
  • Trash. Select the items to delete, then click the Trash. If your selected clip has been used in a sequence, you will be warned before you can delete the file. If the selected clip has not been used, there will be no warnings.

Remember that the selection in the Project panel may be affected by the tasks that you execute from the bottom button bar. If a bin is selected and you create a new bin, for example, the new bin will be created inside of the selected bin. In addition, you should keep a few other organizational tips in mind.

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