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Working with Icon Views

While Avid defaults to its Bin Brief Text view, Final Cut Pro defaults to its List view with columns of text information. FCP has a similar mode to Avid's Frame mode, which FCP calls View as Icons. FCP has three viewing options for that mode: View as Small Icons, View as Medium Icons, and View as Large Icons. FCP does not have a Script mode, but you can simulate one by adding the Thumbnail column.

To Scrub Through Clip Icons

In FCP, while in any of the icon views in the Browser, you can scrub through the clip icon to screen your material.

  1. Double-click a bin to open it as a separate window. Ctrl-click in the gray area under the Name column and choose View as Large Icons from the contextual menu. This is similar to Avid's Frame mode.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • From the Tool palette, click and hold the Zoom In (magnifying glass) icon, and when additional tools appear, select the Scrub tool (hand with two arrows in it).
    • Press HH to select the Scrub tool.
    • Press Shift-Ctrl-click to turn the default Selection tool (mouse pointer) into a temporary Scrub tool.
  3. Move the Scrub tool onto the image you want to view, and drag left or right.

To Change a Poster Frame

Each clip icon displays the first frame of captured material as its representative frame. FCP calls this the poster frame because it represents the clip as a poster represents a movie. But sometimes those frames aren't a good indication of the material that follows on the clip. FCP lets you reset the poster frame in your clip icons.

  1. Load the clip into the Viewer and park the playhead on the frame you want to be the poster frame.
  2. Choose Mark > Set Poster Frame, or press Ctrl-P.

    That frame becomes the poster frame for the clip icon.

To Use the Show Thumbnail Column

By displaying a separate Thumbnail column in the Browser, FCP can simulate Avid's Script mode. The Show Thumbnail column displays the clip frame icon beside the clip's text information, all in the same bin.

  1. Ctrl-click in a bin or the Browser and choose View As List from the contextual menu.
  2. Ctrl-click the second column heading and choose Show Thumbnail from the contextual menu.

    When you select Show Thumbnail from the contextual menu, a new column appears in the Browser or bin.

  3. Scrub through the clip by dragging left or right in the thumbnail image. In the Thumbnail column, you can use the default Selection tool (A) to scrub.
  4. To change the clip's poster frame in the Show Thumbnail column, scrub to the new frame and hold down the Control key; release the mouse button and then release the Control key.
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