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Performing Storyboard Editing

Final Cut Pro's storyboard editing function begins by arranging clip icons in a bin, just as in Avid editing. They both respect the same clip order—left to right, top to bottom, and they both allow you to bring the clips into the sequence as a group. Like Avid, FCP lets you drag either to its Canvas or directly into the Timeline. Timeline editing is discussed in Lesson 6.

To Create a Storyboard of Clips

  1. In the Browser, create a new bin (Cmd-B) and drag the clips you want to arrange into the bin.
  2. Double-click the new bin to open it and change the view to View As Medium or Large Icons, so you can see the clips.
  3. Manually position the clips in left-to-right, top-to-bottom order, as you would like them to appear in the sequence.
  4. Select all of the clips you want to use in this grouping or sequence.
  5. In the Timeline, position the playhead where you want to edit the clips, and patch the appropriate audio and video source tracks.
  6. Drag the selected clips into the Canvas window onto the Overwrite or Insert Edit Overlay option.

    FCP will observe any edit points that are already attached to the clips. If there are no edit points attached to the clip, the entire length of the master clip will be edited into the sequence.

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