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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

How to Pose the Bride with Other People

When you’re posing other people with the bride, including the groom, to create the level of closeness you’ll want in your photos, be sure to position the heads of the bride and the other person very close to each other. This doesn’t sound like it would be a problem, until you actually start posing people. When they fall into what feels like a natural pose, they leave way too much room between their head and the bride’s head. While this may look perfectly natural in person, the photos will lack a closeness that will be really obvious. I’ve seen this again and again, and I constantly have to remind people, even the groom, to move their head in very close to the bride. To them, it just feels unnatural being that close while posing, but if they don’t do it, your shots will look stiff and unnatural. Keep an eye out for this on your next wedding shoot and you’ll be amazed at how the level of closeness between your subjects goes up, giving you much more powerful images.

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