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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Use Your Flash at Outdoor Weddings

One trick that wedding photographers have been using for years is to use fill flash outdoors on sunny days. I know, it sounds crazy to use a flash when the sun is bright in the sky, but wedding photographers add flash to these daylight shots to help eliminate those hard, harsh shadows in their subjects’ faces, and make the bride and groom look more natural under these undesirable lighting conditions (plus it will usually add nice catchlights in the eyes of your subjects, as well). Make sure you check the results in your LCD monitor to make sure your light is properly balanced. Here’s a shot of me taken while shooting a recent wedding. Notice the flash doesn’t fire straight into the wedding party’s faces. Instead, the head is rotated to the right (or left) and tilted 45°, so the flash fills in the shadows yet doesn’t have that harsh look you’d get by aiming the flash straight at your subjects. As long as you’re not more than 8 or 10 feet away from your subject, don’t worry—the flash will still be effective, even though it’s not aiming straight on.

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