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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Keep Backup Memory Cards on You

It’s not unusual for a pro wedding photographer to shoot 750 shots in one wedding, covering the four major parts of a wedding (the pre-wedding shots, the ceremony, the formals, and the reception), so it’s likely you’ll be shooting a similar amount (maybe less, maybe more, but it will be literally hundreds of shots). The last thing you want to happen is to run out of film (in other words—you don’t want to fill up your digital camera’s memory card unless you have an empty backup card ready to step right in so you can keep shooting). The trick here is to keep a spare backup memory card physically on you at all times. Keep one right there in your pocket (or purse) so the moment your card reads full, you’re just seconds away from continuing your shoot. It’s a natural law of wedding photography that your memory card will become full at the most crucial moment of the ceremony, and if you have to stop to go find your backup card (in your camera bag across the room, in the car, or in the reception hall), you’re going to miss the most important shot of the day (I learned this the hard way). So always keep a backup physically on you, so you’re only 10 seconds away from shooting again.

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