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Editing Photo Dates

It's not uncommon for digital cameras to forget the date, which can result in a set of photos being imported as though they had been taken in 1980, for instance. Plus, some older digital cameras didn't store the date with the photo, so if you import photos taken with such a camera, the date will be set to when you imported, not when the picture was taken. You can edit photo dates in iPhoto to correct this annoyance.

To edit a photo's date:

  • Make sure the Information pane is showing, and then select a photo and edit its date in the Date field (Figure 3.41).
    Figure 3.41

    Figure 3.41 To change a photo's date, edit the Date field in the Information pane.

To edit multiple photo dates at once:

  1. Select a number of photos, and choose Batch Change (cmdshiftb.gif) from either the Photos menu or by control.gif-clicking the photos.
  2. In the dialog that appears, choose Date from the Set pop-up menu, and then use the controls to set the date to attach to each photo (Figure 3.42).
    Figure 3.42

    Figure 3.42 Use the Batch Change command to modify the dates of multiple photos at once, adding a set amount of time between each photo if you wish.

  3. If you want to add a set amount of time by which to increment each photo's date, select the checkbox, enter a number, choose Seconds, Minutes, Hours, or Days from the pop-up menu, and click OK.

    iPhoto changes the dates appropriately.

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