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Assigning Ratings

Just as with iTunes, where you can rate your favorite songs on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, you can rate your photos, which is a great way to identify your favorites easily.

Ways to assign ratings:

  • Select one or more photos, and from the hierarchical My Rating menu in the Photos menu, choose the desired rating. Note the cmd0.gif through cmd5.gif keyboard shortcuts—if you're ever going to use keyboard shortcuts, now is the time.
  • Select one or more photos, control.gif-click one of the selected photos, and choose the desired rating from the hierarchical My Rating menu (Figure 3.43).
    Figure 3.43

    Figure 3.43 To assign a rating to a photo, Control-click the photo and choose the desired rating from the My Rating menu (or use the keyboard shortcuts, which are a lot faster in this situation). Here you can see my star ratings underneath the photos.

  • With a photo selected, click the appropriate star button in the Information pane.
  • With the slideshow controls turned on, click the star buttons to assign ratings while the slideshow runs.

    After you choose a rating, iPhoto applies it to the selected photos, displaying it below each photo if you have My Rating (cmdshiftr.gif) turned on in the View menu.

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