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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Magic iMovie: Editing on Autopilot

With many movie projects, you want control over every step of the editing process: timing cuts to match audio, trimming clips with precision, and fine-tuning your soundtrack until everything sparkles.

But sometimes you just want fast results. It’s Sunday afternoon, and your visiting relatives are (finally!) preparing to go home. You shot some video of the kids at the beach earlier that day, and you want to send everyone home with a freshly burned DVD. You can’t spend hours in the editing room—you want a movie now.

The Magic iMovie feature is for you. Choose a few options, then sit back and watch. iMovie HD imports video from your camera, adds an opening title, tosses a transition between each clip, adds a soundtrack from your iTunes library, and then ships the finished product off to iDVD. It’s editing on autopilot.

You can edit a Magic iMovie in any way you want, so you might also use the feature to create a rough cut. After iMovie HD gets you partway there, take the wheel and drive the rest of the way.

Is it magic? Hardly. But Magic iMovie is a fast way to spray some finish on your footage.

Making a Magic iMovie

To make a Magic iMovie, connect and turn on your DV or HDV camcorder (page 226). Then put iMovie HD to work.

  • Step 1. Choose Make a Magic iMovie from the File menu, and give your new movie project a name. If necessary, specify the desired video format (see page 224).
  • Step 2. Specify Magic iMovie settings.
  • Step 3. (optional)

    Specify music soundtrack settings and click OK.

  • Step 4. Click Create.

    iMovie HD captures your video and prepares the movie.

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