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General Tips

It’s important to keep current with the latest information about prices and software.

Know About Apple Education Pricing

Apple provides discounted pricing to schools, teachers and staff members, and students (or parents of students). Education pricing is available on virtually anything you can buy from Apple’s online or retail stores—including computers and peripherals, software, and even iPods. In some cases, the discounts are small; in others, they can be significant. Also, in most cases, Apple retail stores can provide education pricing for in-store purchases (although you do need to ask and might need to show proof that you are an education customer).

Keep Your Mac Knowledge Up-to-Date

One of the biggest tips about working with Macs in the classroom is both obvious and often overlooked: Keep up-to-date on what is going on with Apple and Mac software and hardware. The more you understand how Macs and the variety of Mac software work and how to use them effectively, the better equipped you’ll be to use them in the classroom and to develop new instructional ideas involving them. Keeping up-to-date about Macs and learning more can be as easy as reading the Mac articles and resource guides on this site or any of the hundreds of Mac news and information sites on the Web. You and your students can also check out Apple’s online seminars for more training.

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