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Step 2: Set Episode Options (Optional)

I’ll start this section by saying that you don’t have to perform this step. But if your file is already in iTunes, it just takes a moment. And it does provide additional information that your subscribers might find useful.

  1. In iTunes, click Movies (refer to Figure 2 in the preceding section) to display the Movies library.
  2. Select the thumbnail for the movie.
  3. Choose File > Get Info.
  4. Click the Info tab in the resulting window.
  5. Fill in the empty fields as desired. I recommend providing information for Name, Artist (you), Album (podcast name), year, and track number. You can also enter Podcast in the Genre field. The window might look like Figure 3 when you’re done.
  6. Click OK. The information is saved with the file.
    Figure 3

    Figure 3 Here’s the info for my video podcast file. Richard Noll took the photos in this episode.

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