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Step 4: Configure Your WordPress Blog for the Podcast Category

I decided that I wanted to publish my podcast in a specific category of my blog. This way, the podcast feed would only include podcast files, and those files would be accessible from a specific category on the site.

To follow this plan, you’ll need to create a new category for your podcast episodes. You only need to do this once; you’ll reuse the same category each time you post a new episode.

  1. Log into your WordPress blog and display the Dashboard.
  2. Click Manage > Categories > add new.
  3. Enter a name and description for the new category. You might want to call it something like Podcasts or Video Podcasts. I got fancy and called mine Video & Slide Shows; note that & displays the ampersand (&) character.
  4. Click Add Category. The category appears in the category list as shown in Figure 5.
    Figure 5

    Figure 5 My Flying M Air web site has only a few categories.

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