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Step 5: Create an Entry for your Podcast Episode

Each episode in your podcast will have its own blog entry. The title of the entry will become the title of the podcast; the entry contents will become its description.

  1. Log into your WordPress blog and display the Dashboard.
  2. Click Write to display the Write Post window.
  3. In the Title box, enter the name of the podcast episode.
  4. In the Post box, enter the description for the podcast episode. You can format it any way you like.
  5. In the Post box, include a link to the podcast file’s URL. This can be a text link or an image link. If it’s a text link, that link will appear in the podcast description, so you might want to repeat the title or use some other text that makes sense. I got fancy with my podcast and used screenshot software to create an image of the movie. I uploaded the image to my server, and then turned the image into a link. Figure 6 shows the code; Figure 7 shows the resulting entry.
  6. Choose your podcast category from the Categories list.
  7. Click Save.
Figure 6

Figure 6 Here’s what my podcast entry code looks like. (I use the HTML editor.)

Figure 7

Figure 7 The entry looks like this when viewing its category. Fancy, huh?

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