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iTunes and You

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Move Music into iTunes

Ripping CDs isn't the only way to put music files on your computer. Suppose that you've downloaded some audio files from the Web and want to put them in iTunes. You have three ways to do that:

  1. In iTunes, choose File > Add to Library.

    When you choose this command, the Add to Library window appears. Navigate to the file, folder, or volume you want to add to iTunes, and click Choose (FIGURE 3.5). iTunes decides which files it thinks it can play and adds them to the Library.

    Figure 3.5

    Figure 3.5 The Add to Library navigation window.

  2. Drag files, folders, or entire volumes to the iTunes icon in Mac OS X's Dock; the iTunes icon in Windows' Start menu (if you've pinned iTunes to this menu); or the iTunes icon in either operating system (at which point iTunes launches and adds the dragged files to the Library).
  3. Drag files, folders, or entire volumes into iTunes' main window or the Library entry in the Source list.

    In the Mac versions of iTunes, by default you'll find songs in the iTunes Music folder within the iTunes folder inside the Music folder inside your OS X user folder. So, for example, the path to my iTunes music files would be chris/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music.

    Windows users will find their iTunes Music folder by following this path: yourusername/My Music/iTunes/iTunes Music.

    You can also add compatible videos and movies to your iTunes Library by these means. Those videos will most likely appear in the Movies playlist in the Source list.

    I say "most likely" because in some cases, they may instead appear in the Music or TV Shows playlist. Videos that are specifically designated as Music Videos will appear in the Music playlist. Similarly, videos that are specifically designated as TV shows will appear in the TV Shows playlist. Later in the chapter, I'll talk about how to "tag" a video so this happens.

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