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Patching in Reverse

It’s also possible to use the Patch tool in reverse, by selecting the good area first and then using it to patch the area to be fixed. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Duplicate the background layer as you did previously.
  2. Select the Patch tool and make a selection around the area that you want to use to fix the damaged areas. This time, notice that, instead of choosing the area that needs to be fixed, you choose the area to use for the fix.
  3. Click the Destination button on the Tool Options bar. Drag the selection marquee over the area to fix, and watch as the fix is applied to it (see Figure 6).
    Figure 6

    Figure 6 When you use the Destination option, you select the area to use as the fix and then drag-and-drop it onto the area of the image that requires fixing.

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