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Sum Some Values

Although you can write a formula that adds multiple cell references, one cell at a time, it’s much easier to use Excel’s SUM function to add up the contents of a range of cells. Here are two ways to enter the SUM function in formulas to create subtotals for the values in column B.

Use the AutoSum button:

  1. Activate cell B6.
  2. Click the AutoSum button in the Editing group of the Ribbon’s Home tab.

    Excel writes a formula that uses the SUM function to add a range of cells. A colored box appears around the cells included in the formula.

  3. If the formula is correct (as shown here), press Enter.

    If the formula is not correct, type in the correct range reference and press Enter.

    The result of the formula appears in cell B6.

Type and drag:

  1. Activate cell B27.
  2. Type =SUM(.
  3. Position the mouse pointer on cell B8.
  4. Press the mouse button and drag down to cell B26. All cells you dragged over are selected and referenced in the formula in cell B27.
  5. Type ).
  6. Press Enter. The formula result appears in cell B27.
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