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Testing the Fetch Mirror Instructions File

Before you can rely on the mirror instructions, you should test them. Doing this also makes the first backup copy, which is likely to be the one that takes the longest amount of time. Follow these steps:

  1. In the Finder, locate the Fetch instructions document you saved in step 12 of the Fetch procedure in the preceding section (see Figure 6). Double-click the document to open the file and start the backup.
    Figure 6

    Figure 6 The Fetch document I saved.

    If you did everything correctly in the previous section, Fetch will launch, connect to the server, and start copying the files from the source folder on your hard disk to the destination folder on the server. You can see the progress in Fetch’s window, which also shows all the copied files and folders (see Figure 7).

    Figure 7

    Figure 7 Fetch mirrors the folder you indicated.

  2. When Fetch is finished mirroring the source disk, drag a file or folder into the source disk folder. Use any file or folder—you’re just going to make sure that Fetch updates the destination properly.
  3. Double-click the Fetch document icon again. Since you probably haven’t made any changes other than the new file or folder since the first backup moments ago, Fetch should go through the process quickly, checking filenames and dates without actually copying anything except the new addition. You’ll be able to see the contents of the backup folder on your FTP server right in Fetch’s window (refer to Figure 7).
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