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Automate Your Backups with iCal

When you’re confident that the mirroring works as intended, it’s time to automate the process. First, consider how often you want the contents of the source folder to be updated. Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Something else? Your backup frequency will vary based on the importance of the documents in the source folder and how often you expect them to be changed. For this example, I’ll assume a backup period of once a week. To schedule that on iCal, here’s the procedure:

  1. Launch iCal.
  2. Select the calendar date on which you want to do the first backup (or the next backup, since you’ve already done the first backup in the previous procedure).
  3. Choose File > New Event or press Command+N.
  4. In the event’s Info pane (see Figure 8), enter a name for the event, specify a start time in the From area, and choose a calendar. (If the Info pane isn’t showing for the event, click the Show Info button at the lower-right corner of the main iCal window.)
    Figure 81

    Figure 8 The Info pane for an event.

  5. From the Alarm pop-up menu in the Info pane, choose Open File (see Figure 9).
    Figure 9

    Figure 9 The Info pane’s Alarm pop-up menu.

  6. From the pop-up menu that appears beneath the Alarm pop-up menu, choose Other.
  7. After a moment, an Open dialog should appear (see Figure 10). Locate and select the Fetch file you created earlier. Then click Select. The file’s name appears in the alarm area.
    Figure 10

    Figure 10 Use this dialog box to locate and select the Fetch document you created.

  8. Change the alarm time so that it reads 0 minutes before.
  9. Choose Every Week from the Repeat pop-up menu (see Figure 11). If you prefer, you can set your own repeat-frequency options. The event should appear on the calendar in the frequency you specified.
    Figure 11

    Figure 11 Use this menu to specify how often the backup should occur.

You’re done! Now, at the time specified each week, if your computer is turned on it will open the Fetch file you created and mirror the source disk to the destination location in the FTP folder.

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