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Simple Styles

Styles are a key tool for making any word processor more useful. Styles store frequently used format settings so they can be applied on the fly to new documents without tweaking fonts, paragraphs, and other settings by hand. In TextEdit these styles are pretty easy to create, but on the downside, they can’t be edited once created.

Be that as it may, to create a style, first format a paragraph of text the way you want it. Then choose Other from the pull-down Styles menu at the top left of the document window (which will already be populated with a variety of built-in styles). In the window that appears, click the Add to Favorites button, and then type in a name for the style and check the two boxes below the name field to ensure that the font and rule settings are added to the style (otherwise, only the paragraph formatting is stored). Once you’re done, TextEdit makes this style available to any rich text document opened or created.

You can jazz up styles by using the Fonts palette (Command+T) because TextEdit will add font color and drop shadows to styles as well as the basic text formatting set in the document window. To remove a style, select the Other option again and click on the Favorite Styles radio button. In the window that appears, choose the style you want to delete from the pull-down menu and then press the Remove from Favorites button. Begone, unpleasant style!

Figure 3

Figure 3 Add frequently used styles to the Styles menu for quick access across documents.

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