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Workflow Tips

Although there are multiple ways to accomplish just about any task, Bridge CS3 can greatly speed up the initial tasks of copying, selecting, and rating your images.

Here’s a brief checklist of my process:

  1. Set Adobe Photo Downloader to launch automatically when a memory card is detected. Go to Bridge CS3 > Preferences. On Windows, this is File > Preferences.
  2. When importing your images, append common metadata. For example, I use a template (see Figure 10) that applies copyright and contact information to every image I import.
  3. Group similar images into stacks. To do this, select the images and choose Stacks > Group as Stack: Cmd+G (Mac), Ctrl+G (Windows).
  4. Add keywords to your images. If you’ve used stacks, it’s easier to select images for tagging multiple files with the same keywords.
  5. Rate your images. I use 3 stars for keepers, 4 stars for selects, and 5 stars for images that have been submitted for publication. To quickly rate images, use Cmd+1–5 (Mac), Ctrl+1–5 (Windows). To fine-tune your selections, use the Preview panel and loupe tool to compare similar images.
  6. Print a contact sheet for your images, if you like. You can do this by selecting Tools > Photoshop > Contact Sheet II.
  7. Back up!
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