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10. Open up, Save to

Converting between file formats is one of the things Preview does best, but while it can open over 20 different types of files, it can create only 8 of them. The formats that Preview can create are Windows bitmap files, JPEG and JPEG-2000 files, Macintosh PICT files, Silicon Graphics image files, TARGA and PNG graphics files, and Adobe PDF files. Among those that it can open but cannot create, the most important are probably the EPS and GIF file formats. Prior to Mac OS X 10.4.9 Preview couldn’t open the RAW format used by certain high-end digital cameras, either, but in the latest version of Mac OS X this particular gap has been plugged. Really, the only image formats you are likely to encounter that Preview cannot open will be proprietary ones belonging to applications such as AppleWorks or Canvas.

Figure 10

Figure 10 Use the Save As command to export the finished file to a variety of useful formats.

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