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10. Import Swatches ASE file into InDesign CS3

Now, we’ll import the colors into our InDesign page. I’ve already opened a page in InDesign and placed some graphics in it for this example. When the document is open, go directly to the Swatches panel. From the pop-out menu, select Load Swatches (see Figure 12). All we need to do now is locate our ASE file that we saved before.

Figure 12

Figure 12 Load ASE swatch file into InDesign CS3.

Click Open to import the color swatches into InDesign’s Swatches panel. If you like, you can convert the RGB values to CMYK all at once. Simply hold down Shift and select them all. Then double-click and change the mode from RGB to CMYK. You’ll notice that the Long Boards document we have open has a series of grey boxes at the top. Experiment with the colors across the top of the layout and change the color of text. It should look sweet!

Figure 13

Figure 13 Add color swatches (ASE file) into Flash CS3.

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