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Adding Line Breaks

Just as in a word processor, you press Enter (Return) in Dreamweaver to create a new paragraph. This is fine when you want to actually create a new paragraph, but not so great when you just want to move the cursor down a line, as you might want to do when entering an address. That's because Web browsers (and Dreamweaver) insert a blank line above and below a paragraph, so if you make each line of the address its own paragraph, it looks goofy (Figure 4.23).

Figure 4.23

Figure 4.23 Paragraphs have whitespace before and after them, which isn't really appropriate for things like addresses.

What you want to do is add a line break, which moves the cursor down one line without creating a new paragraph. In the code, Dreamweaver adds the HTML <br /> tag to the end of the line.

To insert a line break:

  • At the end of the line you want to break, press Shift-Enter (Shift-Return).


    At the end of line you want to break, in the Text tab of the Insert Bar, select Line Break from the Special Characters pop-up menu.

    The text changes (Figure 4.24).

    Figure 4.24

    Figure 4.24 After you replace the paragraph tags with line breaks, the address looks better.

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