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Working with Lists

Lists are an easy way to organize content on your Web page. Dreamweaver supports three types of lists:

  • Numbered lists or Ordered lists, for lists with items that need to be in a particular order (Figure 4.29). List items are numbered and indented from the left margin. If you add or remove items from the numbered list, it automatically renumbers.
    Figure 4.29

    Figure 4.29 Numbered lists automatically renumber if you insert a new item between two existing items.

  • Bulleted lists or Unordered, for lists of items in no particular order (Figure 4.30).
    Figure 4.30

    Figure 4.30 Bulleted lists are single-spaced and indented.

  • Definition lists, where each item has an indented subitem (Figure 4.31).
    Figure 4.31

    Figure 4.31 Definition lists have the definitions indented under the definition terms. The definition terms don't have to be all uppercase—they just happen to be in this figure.

To create a list:

  1. Type the items for your list into the window. After typing each item, press Enter (Return).
  2. Select the items in the list.
  3. Choose Text > List, then choose Unordered List, Ordered List, or Definition List from the submenu.


    Click either the Unordered List or Ordered List button in the Property Inspector.


    Click one of three buttons in the Text tab of the Insert Bar: ul for Unordered List, ol for Ordered List, or dl for Definition List.

    The text changes to the kind of list you chose.

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