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Nesting Lists

You can indent lists within lists to create nested lists. Because nested lists do not have to be of the same type, you can create, for example, a numbered list with an indented bulleted list, and you can have multiple levels of nested lists within one overall list (Figure 4.33).

Figure 4.33

Figure 4.33 You can nest bulleted lists inside numbered lists.

To create a nested list:

  1. Click the end of a line within an existing list to place the insertion point.
  2. Press Enter (Return).

    Dreamweaver creates another line of the list.

  3. Press Tab.

    Dreamweaver creates a new indented sublist of the same type as the parent list. For example, if the parent list is a numbered list, the new sublist will also be a numbered list.

  4. (Optional) If you want the sublist to be a different type of list than the parent list, click the Numbered List or Bulleted List button in the Property Inspector.
  5. Type the list item.
  6. Press Enter (Return).

    Dreamweaver creates a new sublist item.

  7. To return to the original list, use the up or down arrow keys to move the insertion point into one of the items in the original list, or click to place the insertion point where you want it.
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