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Finding and Replacing in Source Code

Dreamweaver's ability to find and replace within the HTML source code is extremely powerful. You can look for text within particular tags, and you can even look within particular tags for specific attributes. You can also find text relative to other tags. For example, you can change specified text within a <table> tag, and leave everything else alone. If you like, you can even use Find and Replace to replace, delete, or change tags and attributes.

Searching and replacing inside source code is much like regular text searches, except that you'll be working in Code view. When you perform the search, Dreamweaver automatically changes to Code view, so you don't have to do it manually before you start the search.

To find and replace in source code:

  1. Choose Edit > Find and Replace, or press Ctrl-F (Cmd-F).

    The Find and Replace dialog appears.

  2. From the Find in pop-up menu, choose one of the options for the scope of your search.
  3. From the Search pop-up menu, choose Source Code (Figure 4.43).
    Figure 4.43

    Figure 4.43 Choose Source Code to search the HTML in Code view.

  4. In the Find field, type the word or phrase that you're looking for.
  5. In the Replace field, type the replacement word or phrase.
  6. Depending on what you want to do, click Find Next, Find All, Replace, or Replace All.
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