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Grouping thumbnails into stacks

Before getting into stacks, start with the simple technique of dragging thumbnails to change their location in the Content panel.

To rearrange thumbnails manually

  • Drag a thumbnail (or select, then drag multiple thumbnails) to a new location. It will remain where you place it unless you change the sorting order or perform a stacking operation. The Sort order (listed at the top of the Filter panel) switches to “Sort Manually.”

Like sorting papers into manila folders on your desk, by grouping thumbnails into stacks, you’ll be able to organize them and reduce the number of thumbnails that display at a given time.

To group thumbnails into a stack★

  1. Shift-click a sequence of thumbnails or Ctrl-click/Cmd-click individual thumbnails.A The image you click first will become the “stack thumbnail” (will be on top of the stack).
  2. Choose Stacks > Group as Stack (Ctrl-G/Cmd-G) or right-click/Control-click and choose Stack > Group as Stack.B The stack will look like two playing cards in a pile, and instead of all the individual thumbnails, you’ll see just the stack thumbnail on top. The number in the upper left corner indicates the current number of thumbnails in the stack.

To select thumbnails in a stack★

  • To select and display all the thumbnails in a stack, click the stack number. Click the number again to collapse the stack. The stack is still selected.
  • To select all the thumbnails in a stack but keep the stack collapsed, click the stack border (bottom “card”) or Alt-click/Option-click the stack thumbnail.

To rearrange thumbnails in a stack★

To move a whole stack★

  1. Alt-click/Option-click a stack that’s in its collapsed state, to select it.
  2. Drag the image thumbnail (not the border).
    • If you drag the top thumbnail of an unselected stack, you’ll move just that thumbnail, not the whole stack.

To add a thumbnail to a stack★

  • Click a thumbnail, then drag it into a stack.
  • We use stacks to group thumbnails for merging into a panorama (Photomerge command).

To remove thumbnails from a stack★

  1. Click the stack number to expand the stack.
  2. Click a thumbnail (to deselect the other thumbnails), then drag it out of the stack.A

To ungroup a whole stack★

  1. Click the stack number to expand and select all the thumbnails in the stack.
  2. Choose Stacks > Ungroup from Stack (Control-Shift-G/Cmd-Shift-G) or right-click/Control-click and choose Stack > Ungroup from Stack. The stack number and border will disappear.
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