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Like this article? We recommend

Making New Music with GarageBand

GarageBand offers musicians and podcasters plenty of options for creating music and adding effects to it. You can use MIDI devices, record real instrument and vocal tracks, and do much more. Although GarageBand is great, the following two add-ons make it easier and more interesting.


Although GarageBand enables you to record from a MIDI device or keyboard, it still requires you to use the standard controls (onscreen or from the Mac’s keyboard) to start and stop playback or recording as well as to fast forward, rewind, and toggle repeating of a recording on or off.

GarageRemote installs a preference pane in System Preferences and enables you to configure buttons on a MIDI device to trigger each of these actions while working in GarageBand.

PolyPhonitcs GB

GarageBand comes with a wide variety of software instruments, but what if you want to make your own? That’s where the shareware PolyPhontics GB comes in. It is an instrument toolbox specifically designed to create software instruments for GarageBand.

You can build an instrument using any AIFF, WAV, or MP3 file as your source and can edit how that source sound is used to generate the various notes and tones used by either MIDI devices or the onscreen keyboard in GarageBand. This gives you the ability to be truly creative in creating new sounds and instruments (or just be wacky and have fun).

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