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9. Create a motion path and a motion tween.

To complete the animation, let's create a motion tween for the bus and set it on a journey around Australia. First we need to add a motion guide to the Mini Bus layer. At the base of the layers area there is a series of tiny buttons. The first is a New Layer button; the second is the Add Motion Guide button (Figure 14). Click that one.

Now select the Pencil or Pen tool—whichever you prefer—and draw a path that you want your bus to follow (Figure 15). (The drawing tools in Flash now are very similar to the vector drawing tools in Illustrator.)

When you have your path drawn, select the last frame of the Mini Bus layer in the timeline, and right-click (Windows) or Control+click (Mac) and select Insert Keyframe. Then select any frame between the start and end of this layer. Again right-click or Control+click and select Motion Tween. Your bus should snap to the start of your path. Select the last keyframe of the Mini Bus layer again. Using the Selection tool (Pointer tool), move the bus to the end of the path in the stage area until it snaps to the end of the path.

At this point you can test the motion guide by scrubbing the red playhead along the timeline.

Figure 14

Figure 14 Use the timeline to add a motion guide for your symbol to follow.

Figure 15

Figure 15 Draw your path with those familiar Pen and Pencil tools in Flash CS3.

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