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The Film Editing Room Handbook: Shooting
Jan 20, 2010
This chapter covers a brief history of video editing, three primary workflows, dealing with metadata, and preparing, synching and screening dailies.
Q&A with Norman Hollyn
Dec 14, 2009
Norm Hollyn chats with Peachpit about his new book, The Film Editing Room Handbook, including how he broke into film editing, the danger in chasing the technical cutting edge, and where he gets his inspiration.
Don't Move! How to Add Motion to Your Movies
Jan 19, 2007
One of the advantages of a small camera is that it easily moves with you. However, when you're shooting, motion can become a character in its own right. Slowly moving across a scene imparts a different feeling than quickly scanning your surroundings, for example. This chapter addresses the most common ways of moving the camera to add motion to your movie, including the number one rule: don't move.
Publish a Video Podcast with WordPress
Jan 5, 2007
Maria Langer's helicopter jaunts are too spectacular to be described with mere words; adding video podcasts to her web site would give visitors a taste of the thrill they'd be buying when they signed up for a trip. In this article, Maria takes us on a tour of the software that made it all possible.
The Camera in Motion
Nov 13, 2006
DV Technology and the Camcorder
Dec 30, 2005
This chapter covers the basics of shooting digital video, from the various digital video cameras available to the settings you should use to get the best quality captures from your camera.
Capturing DV in Pinnacle Studio for Windows
Oct 21, 2005
Since DV is a digital format, capturing from a DV camcorder is more like a file transfer; some even refer to the process as a file import. Call it what you will, getting DV video from your camcorder to your computer is a snap. No video resolution to set or audio volume to adjust—just press Start and Stop. This chapter covers the salient aspects of the capturing process, and some tips and tricks you can use to get exactly the video that you want.