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A Complete(-ish) Login System Using jQuery
Nov 23, 2011
A login system is a fundamental part of many websites. Requiring only a simple HTML form and a backend script, this feature can readily be improved using Ajax, and is easy enough to do with the jQuery framework. In this article, Larry Ullman explains how to create a complete(-ish) and fully reliable jQuery-enabled login system.
A jQuery Reading List by Jay Blanchard
Jan 26, 2012
Jay Blanchard shares a few of his favorite jQuery books.
Add Visual Interest to Your Web Page with JavaScript
Nov 25, 2008
In this chapter, you’ll learn how to make JavaScript do some cool image tricks, including making rollovers, changing images, creating ad banners, building slideshows, and displaying random images on a page.
AJAX-Like File Uploads with jQuery
Nov 14, 2011
Web developer and designer Jay Blanchard shows you how to create AJAX-like file uploads with jQuery and a very simple, and very small, script that can be modified to use in any website or web application project.
An Orientation to JavaScript
Feb 8, 2002
In this sample chapter from JavaScript Design, Bill Sanders examines the nuances of JavaScript and gives you the basics for when you start writing your own scripts.
Applied jQuery: Being Effective with AJAX
Sep 13, 2011
jQuery simplifies using AJAX with several shorthand methods for the basic AJAX methods. For most developers and designers, these shorthand methods will be all that they ever need to use. The jQuery AJAX shorthand methods post, get, and load are featured in this chapter.
Building a Node.js API
Oct 27, 2014
In this chapter from Write Modern Web Apps with the MEAN Stack: Mongo, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js, you will build an API for a fully functioning Angular app for posting status updates.
Building a Table Class in ActionScript 2.0
Mar 16, 2007
Bront Davis says that it's not as complicated as you may think to display tabular HTML data in a Flash application. Working with ActionScript and XPath, this article examines a custom class for presenting HTML-based table data in Flash.
Custom Search Filtering with jQuery Mobile
Sep 24, 2012
Search functionality is often a necessary piece of functionality for a website, especially when your website has a lot of content. In this article, Kris Hadlock, author of Ajax for Web Application Developers, explains how to use the search filter bar to create search functionality in the listview component, and how to create a custom search filter in case the default search functionality doesn’t meet your needs.
Essential JavaScript
Nov 8, 2002
Steven Holzner provides the necessary skills and techniques for his guided tour of JavaScript. He begins with a history of the language.
Events in JavaScript
Sep 7, 2009
Charles Wyke-Smith shows you how to monitor and respond to events in JavaScript.
Extending AJAX with the Flash/JavaScript Integration Kit
Oct 6, 2005
Want more control over the user experience? Because Flash makes graphical programming quick, easy, and attractive, and because JavaScript is very effective at manipulating HTML, they can be leveraged to focus on their strengths. Kris Hadlock shows you how to extend AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) by cross-communicating between Flash and JavaScript. Discover how this technique enables technologies to focus on specialized tasks, and helps create the ultimate user experience.
How jQuery Mobile Handles HTML5 data- Atrributes with Dialog Windows, Popups, and Buttons
Oct 4, 2012
HTML5 plays a key role in the jQuery Mobile framework. HTML5 is the starting point for everything from defining how your web page renders in mobile, tablet, or desktop browsers to custom attributes that define widgets, themes, and much more. Web developer/designer Kris Hadlock shows you few ways that jQuery Mobile handles HTML5 data- attributes with dialog windows, popups, and buttons.
How to Build Pull-Down Menus with JavaScript
Jul 13, 2001
JavaScript is great for making things happen on Web pages, such as creating pull-down menus to mimic the look and feel of an operating system's functions. Here Tom Negrino and Dori Smith show you how its done.
How to Create Multiple Rollovers with JavaScript
Jul 13, 2001
Need to incorporate more than one rollover on a web page? In this article, Peachpit Press authors Tom Negrino and Dori Smith show you how it's done using JavaScript.
How to Create Rollovers with JavaScript
Apr 20, 2001
This article, from Javascript for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickStart Guide, 3e, shows how to create simple rollovers, how to avoid some common rollover mistakes, and how to enhance your rollovers to make them more effective.
How To Use AJAX Patterns
Jan 27, 2006
Kris Hadlock explains how to use design patterns for AJAX development to keep your applications scalable, reusable, and efficient.
How to Work with Simple Variable Types in JavaScript
Mar 20, 2012
This chapter starts with the basics of variables in JavaScript, and then covers number, string, and Boolean variables. Along the way you’ll find plenty of real-world code, representing some of the actions you will take with these simple variable types.
JavaScript and Dreamweaver Behaviors
May 2, 2003
Combine Dreamweaver and JavaScript with a dash of Fireworks and what do you get? Maximize your JavaScript with the help of Dreamweaver MX and learn how these two interact.
JavaScript Language Essentials
Dec 29, 2006
Tom Negrino and Dori Smith go into detail about the basic elements of JavaScript and introduce you to other aspects of the JavaScript language, such as loops, arrays, and more about functions.

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