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Five Favorite New Features in Adobe Illustrator CS4/CS5/CS6
Mar 22, 2013
Whether you’ve skipped the last couple of upgrades to Adobe Illustrator or just haven’t had a chance to fully explore what these upgrades offer, Adobe Illustrator WOW! Book author Sharon Steuer shares some ways to use five of her favorite new features from Illustrator CS4, CS5 and CS6.
Get Familiar with Panels in Adobe Illustrator CS6
Sep 27, 2012
This chapter will help you become more intimately acquainted with the Illustrator interface features that you will be using continually as you work: the panels.
Hidden Gems in Adobe Illustrator
Sep 19, 2012
Brian Wood, contributor to Adobe Illustrator CS6 Classroom in a Book, shows you how to optimize content for use in projects such as websites, apps, and more.
How to Create Basic Shapes in Illustrator CS
Oct 27, 2006
Many objects in the Adobe Illustrator program can be created by starting with basic shapes and then editing them to create new shapes. In this lesson, you'll use some basic shapes to create a logo. Along the way, you'll learn how to use tools and commands to create basic shapes, copy and combine objects to create new shapes, paint objects, and more.
How to Use Multiple Artboards in Adobe Illustrator
May 4, 2009
David Karlins examines how to create and modify multiple artboards and how they can (and cannot) be used.
Huge Time-Saving Features in Illustrator
Jul 16, 2015
Brian Wood, web developer and author of Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 Classroom in a Book, shows you how to work faster using several time-saving features in Adobe Illustrator.
Illustrator CS5 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide -- Panels
Sep 7, 2010
This chapter will help you become more intimately acquainted with the Illustrator interface features that you will be using continually as you work: the panels.
Integrating Photoshop and Illustrator to Create Professional Imagery
Nov 18, 2004
Using some cool filters and effects from Adobe Illustrator, you can create vector mosaics from bitmap graphics, or even change squares into circles. Find out here how to make it work for you.
Is Microsoft Expression Graphic Designer Good Enough to Take On Adobe Illustrator?
Oct 14, 2005
Microsoft's upcoming Windows Vista promises a new era of rich, graphically engaging experiences. The new beta illustration tool, Expression Graphic Designer, will allow you to create content for Vista. What is interesting, however, is that Graphic Designer is being promoted as a serious professional tool that will compete against current tools such as Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Fireworks. Does Graphic Designer stand up against these power tools? Maybe.
Making Transformations in Adobe Illustrator CS4
Oct 9, 2008
The best part of drawing on a computer is that you rarely have to start over. Whether you've changed your mind about an angle or you drew a bunch of repeated objects too small (oops), Illustrator makes modifying your artwork very easy. Mordy Golding discusses how to use Illustrator's transform capabilities to manipulate any number of objects onscreen.
Mapping Artwork onto 3D Effects in Illustrator CS4
May 12, 2009
If you're not using Illustrator's 3D effects, you're missing out on some exciting possibilities. David Karlins shows some of the cool projects you can create with these effects - particularly how to map (attach) artwork to a rotated 3D effect, in this case literally painting a map of the world onto a sphere.
Masks and Blend Effects: Using and Understanding Masks, Gradients, and Blend Effects
Feb 5, 2007
Master Illustrator Essentials
Dec 1, 2005
Designers starting out know Adobe Illustrator as "that program for designing logos," but it's capable of so much more: ads, illustrations, page layouts, and Web graphics, to name just a few applications. It's the industry-standard application for vector graphics. If you're new to Illustrator (or just rusty), this chapter will get you well on your way toward understanding the fundamentals of using Illustrator to create vector graphics.
Mastering Vector Design: How to Create Illustrator Patterns
Jan 4, 2008
David Karlins dispels some of the myths about using patterns in Adobe Illustrator. With some very simple techniques, you can create and use fascinating patterns for strokes and fills.
Pen Tool Mastery in Adobe Illustrator CS5
Dec 16, 2010
Have you been ignoring Illustrator's Pen tool? Brian Wood wasn't crazy about working with the Pen tool, but after a bit of experimentation he has come to rely on it. Tune in here to learn some of Brian's best Pen tool techniques.
Quiz Time: Test Your Illustrator 8 Savvy
Mar 1, 1999
Peachpit art
Real World Adobe Illustrator CS5: Creative Drawing
Aug 24, 2010
Creative drawing in Illustrator can be fun to use and also be rather addictive. Mordy Golding shows you how to use Live Paint and how to work with the Pencil Tool, brushes, and Gradient Mesh to get the color, composition, texture, and feel you want.
Real World Tips For Using Illustrator's Objects, Groups, and Layers
Jan 20, 2006
Just as there are benefits to keeping an orderly desk, there are advantages to using groups and layers for adding structure to your files. In Adobe Illustrator CS2, groups and layers not only offer a convenient way to manage objects in a file (as they did in earlier versions of Illustrator), but now they can also control the appearance of your file. Find out more in this informative chapter by Mordy Golding.
Reshaping Text with an Envelope Warp in Adobe Illustrator CS4
Oct 13, 2008
Warping text is fun because it allows you to give text a more interesting shape. This excerpt from Adobe Illustrator CS4 Classroom in a Book shows you how to use a preset warp shape or a mesh grid as an envelope.
Round Trip Between Illustrator/Photoshop and Flash Catalyst
Oct 27, 2010
What’s easier than creating the content (look and feel) for your project in Illustrator and/or Photoshop, then bringing that directly into Flash Catalyst? Okay, if it was created for you, that would be easier… Brian Wood shows you how Flash Catalyst enables you to add interactivity to that content and export it in the correct format or hand it over to an Adobe Flex developer to add database integration, and much more.

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