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How to Add A Quick Border In Photoshop Elements 6
Sep 25, 2007
You can give your photos a professional finish by adding a white or colored border to them. The technique is so easy, you’ll want to do it for all of your photos. The Adobe Creative Team shows you how.
Working With Smart Albums in Photoshop Elements 6
Sep 24, 2007
Learn how to use the new smart albums in Photoshop Elements 6 in this step-by-step excerpt from the upcoming Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 Classroom in a Book.
Retouching the Mouth in Photoshop Elements 5
Mar 16, 2007
After the eyes, the mouth and the smile tend to be the other areas we look at the most in a portrait. Unfortunately, there's a ton of things that can distract us in, on, or around the mouth. Teeth, lip color, braces, the overall smile, these are all things that can make or break a photo. In this chapter, we'll look at some small and subtle ways to make the entire mouth area the star of your photos.
Retouching the Mouth
Feb 26, 2007
Fix Common Color Problems in Photoshop Elements 5: Video Tutorial
Dec 15, 2006
In this video tutorial, Matt Kloskowski shows you how to use the new Adjust Color Curves feature in Elements 5 to easily—and visually—fix common color problems.
Create a Killer Black and White Photo Using Photoshop Elements 5 Video Tutorial
Nov 17, 2006
The process of turning a color photo into a beautiful black and white has been revolutionized with the introduction of Photoshop Elements 5. Matt Kloskowski shows you how to use Elements to create killer black and white photos through two short video tutorials. One video shows you the easy, one-click way to create black and whites, while the other video tutorial shows you how to get a tad more control over the conversion process.
Fix Skin Color in Photoshop Elements 4 with One Click
Oct 27, 2006
If the people in your digital photos look like aliens, try Matt Kloskowski's tricks with Photoshop Elements to return their skin to a more normal color. (If they really are aliens, of course, we can't help you there.)
Create Picture Packages in Photoshop Elements 4
Sep 8, 2006
Have you ever had an image that you wanted to make into a holiday card or duplicate for friends and relatives? In this excerpt, author Lisa Matthews shows you a quick and easy way to create a mulitple-picture layout using just one file.
Color Correct Your Images in Photoshop Elements 4
Aug 4, 2006
In this chapter, you'll discover Photoshop Elements' color-correction tools and discuss which tools you may want to use, and when you'll most likely want to use them. You'll also learn how to make sure colors display and print accurately (also known as color management) and how to correct colors and tonal values in your images. Along the way, you'll find out why what may at first appear to be the most obvious color-enhancement options are not always the best choices for improving the color in an image.
Super Size Me: Resize and Crop Your Pix in Photoshop Elements 4
Feb 17, 2006
If a chapter on resizing and cropping doesn't sound exciting, really, what does? It's sad, but a good portion of our lives is spent doing just that—resizing and cropping. Why is that? It's because nothing, and I mean nothing, is ever the right size. Find out how to make it the right size in this sample chapter.
Straightening Crooked Photos with Photoshop Elements
Jan 6, 2006
Don't toss out those crooked photos! If you've got Photoshop Elements, straightening digital photos has never been easier. Matt Kloskowski literally shows you how to straighten up those out-of-line photos in two brief video tutorials that take you through the straightening process in Photoshop Elements 3 and the new Photoshop Elements 4.
Working With Selections in Photoshop Elements
Jan 6, 2006
You create selections when you want to isolate specific areas of an image either to silhouette, color correct, or apply a special effect to that particular area. Anything within the confines of an active selection, often referred to as the "marching ants," can be manipulated without affecting the area outside of the selection. This chapter will guide you in choosing the correct selection tool to use for the task at hand, as well as provide you with a few tips the pros use in making selections. You can practice with many of the images in this chapter by downloading them from the Web site.
Cream of the Crop: Cropping and Resizing in Photoshop Elements 3
Sep 16, 2005
If a chapter on cropping and resizing doesn't sound exciting, really, what does? It's sad, but a good portion of our lives is spent doing just that—cropping and resizing. Why is that? Because nothing, absolutely nothing, is ever the right size. Actually, you'll be happy to learn that there's more than just cropping and resizing in this chapter. Author Scott Kelby supersized the chapter with other cool techniques that honestly are probably a bit too cool to wind up in a chapter called "Cropping and Resizing," but it's the only place they'd fit.
How to Batch Process Files in Photoshop Elements 3
Aug 12, 2005
There are dozens of image file formats out there, but when you're working in Photoshop Elements, you really only want to be working with JPEGs and TIFFs. This article explains how to convert a large number of image files to the proper format using Photoshop Elements 3.
Dave Cross's Top Ten New Photoshop Elements Features
Oct 15, 2004
Photoshop Dream Team Instructor David Cross narrows down the many possibilities to come up with the top ten features of Adobe's popular image-editing software.
The Photoshop CS Camera Raw Dialog Box
Aug 13, 2004
The RAW file format for digital pictures is available with some high-end digital cameras, and in this article, you can learn how to manipulate the additional data contained in these files to more elaborately enhance your photos.
Take Advantage of Photoshop Actions
Aug 22, 2003
Photoshop Actions allow you to automate just about any task, so you spend more of your work time actually creating. Tim Plumer shows you how.
Miracle Tools: Photoshop's Healing Brush and Patch
Aug 8, 2003
Photoshop 7.0 includes two great new tools that make retouching images a breeze. The Healing Brush and Patch tools improve on the amazing effects you can get from the Clone tool, but are easier to use.
Customizing Your Photoshop Workspace
Jul 25, 2003
This article focuses on ways you can take advantage of Photoshop and set up your own customized workspaces.
Creating Stunning Panoramas with Photoshop Elements
Dec 13, 2002
Learn how to use Photoshop Elements' Photomerge feature to create panoramas.

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