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Installing or Upgrading to Leopard: Best Practices
By Ryan Faas
Jan 11, 2008
Finally making the switch to Leopard? Be sure that you know everything about your upgrade options before you start by using these tips by Ryan Faas to make the process as smooth as possible.
Robin Williams Explains How to Use TextEdit
By Robin Williams
Jan 11, 2008
Beloved author Robin Williams tells you everything you need to know to get the most out of TextEdit, the free word processing application that ships with your Mac.
A Tour of Dashcode in Mac OS X Leopard
By Ryan Faas
Jan 4, 2008
Dashboard widgets have been a great feature of Mac OS X since Tiger was released. With Leopard, Apple has introduced Dashcode, an intuitive tool for creating widgets that is both easy and fun to use. Ryan Faas tells you how easy it can be to create a news/headline widget, for example, in just a few minutes.
How to Work with Open Directory in Leopard Part 2: What's New for Open Directory Servers?
By Ryan Faas
Dec 28, 2007
In Leopard and Leopard Server, Apple has updated Open Directory to allow for more flexible network design options, better integration with Windows networks running Active Directory, new managed preferences options, and a RADIUS server for secure wireless networking. Ryan Faas gives you the details and reveals how they affect your Mac network.
How to Work with Open Directory in Leopard Part 1: Life Without NetInfo
By Ryan Faas
Dec 21, 2007
In Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, one of the biggest and least-visible changes is the complete retirement of NetInfo and some of the related processes to streamline and improve user and group management. Ryan Faas explains what these changes mean and whether they will affect how you and your Mac interact with each other.
How to Use Leopard’s Time Machine
By Ryan Faas
Nov 21, 2007
If you’re the type of person who knows you need to back up your system, but just can’t ever get around to actually doing it, you’re going to love Leopard’s new Time Machine. Ryan Faas explains why.
Inside Numbers: How Apple Does Spreadsheets
By Ryan Faas
Nov 9, 2007
Ryan Faas tells you all about Apple’s new Numbers spreadsheet program, which is flexible and powerful enough for consumers and small businesses (and some larger businesses, too).
Robin Williams’s Guide to the Most Overlooked New Leopard Features
By Robin Williams
Oct 27, 2007
Best-selling Mac author Robin Williams digs beneath the surface to reveal the top 10 most overlooked features in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.
Top Ten Leopard Features That Will Change How You Use Your Mac
By Maria Langer
Oct 27, 2007
How to Get the Most Out of Leopard’s Spaces
By Ryan Faas
Oct 27, 2007
Ryan Faas takes you through Leopard’s Spaces with a quick look at how to set up Spaces and use it to speed your workflow while keeping your desktop neat and tidy.
iPhoto '08's Greatest Hits
By Jim Heid
Oct 26, 2007
Apple’s new, improved iPhoto ’08 has a slew of new features that will change the way you work with photos on your Mac. Jim Heid, author of the upcoming The Macintosh iLife ’08, takes you on a tour of his favorite iPhoto improvements.
How to View YouTube Videos From Your iPhone
By Scott Kelby
Sep 28, 2007
Scott Kelby and Terry White save you a trip to the computer by teaching you how to access your favorite YouTube content directly from your iPhone.
Nine Steps to a Happier, Healthier Mac
By Neale Monks
Sep 14, 2007
Like any machine, a Mac works best when given regular maintenance. If you follow Neale Monks’ nine tips for caring for your Mac, you’ll have a happy machine and an even happier owner.
Windows Users' Guide to Buying a Mac
By Neale Monks
Sep 7, 2007
Choosing when to buy your Mac and which one to get can be a daunting prospect. Neale Monks cuts through the hype and tells you how to make sensible and timely decisions.
Creating Timelapse WebCam Movies on a Mac
By Maria Langer
Aug 31, 2007
A WebCam is one way to show off what's going on outside your window or in your office, but sometimes still photos don't share the whole picture. Why not put your WebCam view into motion by turning all those images into a timelapse movie? In this article, author and WebCam tinkerer Maria Langer shows you how.
Set Up Your Own Secure Messaging System with iChat Server
By Ryan Faas
Aug 3, 2007
iChat Server makes adding secure text and audio/video chat to your network fast and easy. Read on with Ryan Faas to find out how to set up internal instant messaging and video conferencing in a few clicks without spending a fortune.
Pocket Guide to Using The iTunes Store With Your Apple TV
By Jeff Carlson
Jul 13, 2007
iTunes Store proves to be the easiest way to purchase movies and TV shows.
Power-Hungry No More: Maximize the Hidden Virtues of Your Mobile Mac
By Neale Monks
Jul 13, 2007
Learn the sources of power inside the mobile Macbook and Macbook Pro.
How to Make iLife '06 Seem Like '07: Ten Tools that Take iLife to a New Level
By Ryan Faas
Jul 6, 2007
It's been a year and a half since Apple updated its iLife software. Even though iLife '07 isn't on the horizon, there are plenty of ways to upgrade and enhance all the iLife apps to make everything from photo management to movie making easier and more impressive. Here are Ryan Faas' 10 picks for the best ways to make iLife '06 seem new and improved.
Apple’s iPhone: Will It Make or Break the Mac?
By Neale Monks
Jun 29, 2007
Is Apple abandoning the Mac to become a consumer electronics company? Neale Monks discusses the impact of Apple’s iPhone on its core business—the Macintosh.

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