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Photoshop Tips for Photographers
Jul 1, 2005
Your sister's wedding photos are tainted with red eye and the sweeping landscape you shot in Yosemite is muddy looking and off-kilter. What's a photo hobbyist to do? Photographer Helen Bradley shows you great techniques for fixing these, and other common image problems, with Photoshop tools.
Photoshop CS 2 in the Raw: An Interview with Author Bruce Fraser
May 20, 2005
Peachpit Press author Bruce Fraser answers the question, "Photoshop CS 2 is new, but is it better?"
Portrait of a Photoshop Artist: Scott Kelby
Jan 28, 2005
Best-selling Photoshop author Scott Kelby stops writing (for, like, a minute) and starts talking about Elements 3, the Photoshop tools he couldn’t live without, and the music lesson that changed his life.
The Photoshop CS Camera Raw Dialog Box
Aug 13, 2004
The RAW file format for digital pictures is available with some high-end digital cameras, and in this article, you can learn how to manipulate the additional data contained in these files to more elaborately enhance your photos.
Hands-On Photoshop CS: Correcting a Problem Image
Feb 27, 2004
Barry Haynes and Wendy Crumpler teach overall color correction using adjustment layers on a scanned image lacking good white or black points.
Styles of Retouching in Photoshop
Feb 13, 2004
Suzette Troche explains reality retouching in Photoshop — the kind of retouching you do when the client doesn't want anyone to know that you have altered the image.
Beauty Retouching in Photoshop
Nov 7, 2003
Take a peek at Tinsel Town's newest plastic surgeon. Watch this glittery gal perform virtual nose jobs, eye-lifts, and collagen injections right before your very eyes thanks to the magic of Photoshop.
Working with Color in Photoshop
Sep 26, 2003
This sample chapter teaches additive and subtractive color correction with image variations and color balance, global color correction with Levels and Curves, selective and interchannel color correction, and correcting color temperature problems.
Take Advantage of Photoshop Actions
Aug 22, 2003
Photoshop Actions allow you to automate just about any task, so you spend more of your work time actually creating. Tim Plumer shows you how.
Mastering Palettes in Photoshop
Jun 13, 2003
Don't waste time opening, closing, and losing your palettes on the desktop when you're working in Photoshop. Learn the shortcuts for organizing your palettes in Photoshop 7 and its predecessors.
Harnessing the Power of Photoshop Selections
May 16, 2003
Photoshop provides an assortment of tools for selecting the portion of the image with which you want to work. Gary Bouton explains them here.
Dust, Mold, and Texture Removal in Photoshop
May 2, 2003
In this sample chapter you'll face the worst problems and learn the best techniques to rescue your images from the evils that lurk in historical negatives, glass plates, prints, contemporary film, and digital images.
Creating a Number Tile Effect in Photoshop
Feb 14, 2003
You can create stunning and unusual type effects in Photoshop using nothing more than its standard set of features. Roger Pring demonstrates one such effect - a ceramic tile.
Liquid Painting in Photoshop
Jan 31, 2003
Liquefy your assets for luscious backgrounds and fluid abstract effects.
Advanced Techniques with the Art History Brush
Dec 20, 2002
Tired of retouching and correcting images? Rhoda Grossman discusses the exciting challenge of the Art History Brush and the unpredictability that seems built within it.
Color Spaces, Device Characterization, and Color Management in Photoshop 7
Dec 20, 2002
This sample chapter provides an overview of how we see color, measure color, calibrate color scanners, monitors and printers, and what color working spaces and file bit-depths to use in Photoshop.
Lights and Shadows in Photoshop
Dec 20, 2002
Trying to re-create the interaction of the play of light on objects is always an enjoyable challenge. Here Bert Monroy offers some tips and techniques for doing just that in Photoshop.
Making a Painting from a Photo
Dec 20, 2002
This article explores turning a photorealistic image into a painting using Photoshop 7.
Making Great Prints in Photoshop
Dec 20, 2002
Learn how to make the best prints with your printer and how to edit profiles with profile editors and/or Photoshop Adjustment Layers.
Photoshop 7 Layers and Shapes
Dec 13, 2002
Learn all about using layers and vector masks in Photoshop 7 to work more efficiently.

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