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Filling Out Paper Forms with the Acrobat Typewriter Tool
Mar 7, 2011
These days, a simple PDF form just won’t do. No one wants to print out a PDF document and be forced to handwrite or—even worse—find a typewriter to fill in all the fields. Author John Deubert walks you through how to use the Acrobat X Typewriter tool that, in its modest way, one of the handiest gizmos in the Acrobat X toolbox.
From Many File Types, A Polished PDF Portfolio
Mar 28, 2011
Learn how to create a dynamic presentation, called a portfolio, in Acrobat X Pro. Acrobat expert Brian Wood helps you understand how portfolios work, including answering questions like, “What is the difference between combining files and creating a portfolio?” and “Will it work in all versions of Reader?”
Getting Familiar with Adobe Reader
Sep 2, 2005
Adobe Reader offers an overwhelming array of options. Luckily, Ted Padova offers his services as a guide through the thicket of choices in this sample chapter.
Getting to Know the After Effects CS3 Workflow
Oct 17, 2008
Whether you use After Effects to animate a simple DVD title sequence or to create complex special effects, you generally follow the same basic workflow. The Adobe Creative Team demonstrates how to use this workflow to create a simple animated video.
Going Paperless with Acrobat
Jan 19, 2010
This chapter provides an excellent real-world example of how using just the Adobe Acrobat product successfully enhances an organization's workflow, saving time and costs.
Guidelines for Creating Print-Ready PDF Files in Adobe Acrobat 9
Oct 20, 2008
Choose one: a) Pay a professional printer a wad of cash to get great results from your PDF file. b) Keep some of that money in your pocket by following the Adobe Creative Team's suggestions on how to prep the file before you take it to PDF. Your call.
How to Produce a PDF Portfolio in Adobe Acrobat 9
Sep 5, 2008
Author Donna Baker explains how to use Adobe Acrobat 9's new Portfolio feature to bring your content together into one portable, customizable, well-organized package.
John Deubert’s AcrobatiX: A Color Management Primer
Aug 4, 2011
Color management is a fact of life. Nearly all of the color we see on a computer display is adjusted one way or another before it reaches our eyeballs. Acrobat expert John Deubert looks at the basics of how this adjustment works.
John Deubert’s AcrobatiX: Advanced Text Search in Acrobat X
Jun 6, 2011
Do you need to find out which of the 183 PDF files in your Documents folder contain references to Uncle Henry's Newt Farms? Acrobat's Advanced Search makes it a snap, and author John Deubert shows you how it works.
John Deubert’s AcrobatiX: Exporting PDF to an Image
Jul 6, 2011
Acrobat X enables you to export your PDF pages to a series of images. Why would you want to do that? Author John Deubert explains that sometimes a picture works better than a thousand words.
John Deubert’s AcrobatiX: Movies in PDF Documents
Jun 20, 2011
Have you ever wished your love letter could show a movie right there on the PDF page? Think of it: You on one knee, declaring your love, swearing eternal fealty (or, too often in my case, begging forgiveness). No? Well, fire up your imagination, because author John Deubert shows you how PDF files are really good at video and how it’s so easy to do.
John Deubert’s AcrobatiX: Secrets of Sticky Notes
Jul 18, 2011
May PDF users love sticky notes, those little yellow speech bubbles we scatter throughout a PDF document with comments, carps, and complaints about pages’ contents? PDF expert John Deubert uses them all the time, and it turns out they don’t have to be yellow and they don’t need to be speech bubbles. He shows us how to make our PDF sticky notes stand out.
John Deubert’s AcrobatiX: Two Exotic Annotations
Aug 23, 2011
Are people ignoring your sticky notes? Do your spreadsheet files invariable become separated from your financial reports? Acrobat supplies two annotation types that fix these problems and are strangely underused: The Sound and File Attachment tools are well worth knowing about!
Logon Scripts: Using KiXtart and.ini Files
Dec 19, 2003
Anybody who manages user accounts knows the advantage of automating the task. The last thing you want to do is visit every desktop to ensure that the users' Windows computers are set up to work properly with your network. One common way to get around this is to use batch files and scripts to smooth the process. Matthew Moran shows you an easy way to gain control of user logons with Kixtart, a free-format scripting language.
Making PDF Files in Adobe Acrobat 9
Jan 12, 2009
Learn how to create PDF files in Adobe Acrobat 9, including how to convert many common file types to PDF, scan paper documents directly into PDF, convert Web pages to PDF files, and combine several PDF files into a single document.
PDF and Graphics Strategies
Apr 6, 2001
When publishing PDF documents, size is a large issue. The way graphics are initially inserted and saved as well as the type of graphics used can dramatically change the size of a PDF file. This article discusses strategies for reducing PDF size.
PDF Font Strategies
Apr 6, 2001
Fonts are an intrinsic part of how PDFs work, and the decision of whether and how to include fonts is critical. This article discusses font options to consider when designing PDF documents, including embedding, anti-aliasing, sizing, and readability.
Quick Guide to Saving and Printing Files in Acrobat 8
Feb 9, 2007
Acrobat lets you save your PDF documents to a wide variety of formats. If you need to convert a PDF file to a TIFF file or an EPS file, just select those formats when you save the file. At print time, Acrobat gives you a lot of control over the details of how your document is placed on paper. You can even make a booklet out of your PDF file directly from Acrobat. In this chapter, you'll see how to use all of Acrobat's file saving, conversion, and printing capabilities.
Real-World Solutions with Adobe Technology: Health Care e-Form
Feb 24, 2010
In this chapter, you will meet a doctor and the IT staff of a regional hospital and learn how they replaced piles of paperwork with their new paperless systems.
Save And Print PDFs in Adobe Acrobat 7
Dec 22, 2006
Acrobat's ability to let you read a PDF file on almost any computer system is impressive, but you can do even more. In this chapter, you'll learn how to save PDFs in many formats, reduce file size, make sure a document is ready to print, and finally to print it.

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