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Design Process, Clients, and Web Standards: An Interview with Jeffrey Zeldman
Nov 21, 2003
Jeffrey Zeldman speaks of how he works with clients to meet their needs while giving design a purpose.
Designing a Custom YouTube Channel
Oct 5, 2009
Kris Hadlock explains how to customize your organization's presence on YouTube, with some relatively easy settings changes to make you stand out from the crowd.
Designing a Site from Scratch in Dreamweaver
Apr 14, 2006
Site planning and file structure can get a little cranial, but it’s really important to know this stuff to build efficient, well-designed web sites. This chapter will help cure any web-induced migraine, so stay tuned.
Designing for Interaction: Design Research
Aug 19, 2009
If only a small bit of the typical time, money, and resources used to make and market a product or service were put towards design research—observing, talking to, and maybe even making artifacts with customers and users—the products and services we use would be greatly improved. Dan Saffer explains.
Designing the Obvious, Part 1: The Key to Great Web and Software Design
Feb 24, 2006
Unless you have endless free time to waste, at some point you'll get fed up with a site or application that seems intent on frustrating the user. Robert Hoekman, Jr. posits that it's not the designer's intention to aggravate your life; it's just a failure to define and then design "the obvious": what the user will need, presented in the way the user will need it. In this series, he explains how to design sites and software that work well for the user precisely because they're designed to be obvious.
Designing the Obvious, Part 2: Knowing What to Build and Why
Mar 10, 2006
Why do software projects fail? In most cases, says Robert Hoekman, Jr., it's simply a matter of poor planning. If you don't have a firm grasp of who is going to use your product or site, and why, you'll succeed only by accident. He explains where you need to focus attention and effort to help your product or site live up to the organization's expectations.
Designing the Obvious, Part 3: Understanding Real Users to Solve Real Problems
Mar 24, 2006
If you're writing software or building web sites without a user in mind, you're just throwing away your effort. Robert Hoekman, Jr. explains the urgent need to understand exactly who the target user is, what she hopes to accomplish, and what you can do for her - long before you start committing keystrokes to code.
Designing the Obvious: Build Only What Is Absolutely Necessary
Dec 30, 2010
Robert Hoekman explains why you must focus only on the features that are the most essential and build only what is absolutely necessary.
Designing the Perfect Web Site
Feb 9, 2001
Web designer David deBoer discusses the most important aspects of designing an efficient Web site, and explains which rules and guidelines should always be followed when designing your site.
Designing Webbed Environments: The Importance of the Define and Design Phases
May 12, 2006
Having a clear plan for your Web site is every bit as important as any technology you use to deliver it. But it can be easy to overlook the define and design phases of your project. Jason Cranford Teague not only shows you a tried-and-tested process for creating a blueprint for your Web site (which all members of your team can use to produce the final product as intended) but also evaluates the best software available to you for creating the deliverables.
Designing with Progressive Enhancement: Applying Styles Effectively
Mar 10, 2010
In this chapter, learn the best practices for applying CSS with progressive enhancement, including a review of how to divide styles into basic and enhanced style sheets, and techniques to improve the accessibility, usability, and performance of styles.
Developing ASP.NET Applications with Macromedia's Dreamweaver MX 2004
Aug 26, 2005
Did you know that Dreamweaver allows you to build web applications that leverage J2EE, ColdFusion, and Microsoft .NET, among others? Matthew David introduces you to the exciting world of developing applications built on ASP.NET.
Dreamweaver MX 2004 Design-O-Mite
Apr 2, 2004
No Editor
Dreamweaver MX 2004 Form Objects for Feedback
Feb 27, 2004
Danilo Celic shows you how to use Dreamweaver's form objects to gather the data you need from site visitors.
Dreamweaver MX 2004 Recipe: In/Out Dashboard
Jan 23, 2004
Joseph Lowery and Eric Ott teach how to create a corporate dashboard to provides a visual representation of the location for all intranet employees and other assets.
Dreamweaver MX Code Differences
Feb 7, 2003
Murray R. Summers and Brad Halstead show you the core differences between DW4 and DMX template markup.
Dreamweaver MX: Is It Worth the Upgrade?
Jan 10, 2003
Weigh the new features of Dreamweaver MX against its cost and see if the "MX" is worth the money from a web designer's perspective.
Elements of Experience Design
Sep 14, 2001
Great experiences can be deliberate and based upon some principles that have been proven. That applies to online as much as offline design. Nathan Shedroff explains in this article.
Embedding Flash Video with Dreamweaver
Jan 4, 2008
David Karlins shows how to use Dreamweaver to embed a video clip into your own web page, presented with your own customized display skin, and surrounded by your own content.
Enhancing Boxes with CSS3 Bling
Jul 26, 2012
In this chapter you’ll learn new ways to (tastefully) add graphical effects to your sites programmatically without having to use millions of background images. You’ll start by looking at some basic isolated examples and then advance to more involved implementations.

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