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Nonlinear Animation
Oct 12, 2001
One of the biggest recent advances in animation is nonlinear animation (NLA), which allows animators to think and create above the level of the keyframe. George Maestri looks at the nuances of NLA in this article.
Animating Dialogue
Oct 5, 2001
During normal speech, dozens of different mouth shapes are made. Animators usually boil these down to a handful of standard shapes. George Maestri covers the eight basic mouth positions necessary for effective dialogue animation.
Animating Realistic Cloth
Oct 5, 2001
Cloth can be tough to simulate correctly because of its multiple properties. George Maestri offers some tips on making the process easier.
Hair for 3D Characters
Oct 5, 2001
The average head has tens of thousands of individual hairs - try animating that! The only way to efficiently animate hair is procedurally, using automated tricks to get the hair to behave. George Maestri shares some tips in this article.
Texturing Characters
Oct 5, 2001
Texture plays an important part in how a final image looks: With poor texturing, even the best model will look just average. George Maestri shows you two major ways to create texture in this article.
Animating Martial Arts
Aug 13, 2001
High-action fight scenes for games or films can be difficult to animate. With some tips from animation expert George Maestri, though, you'll learn how to put martial arts and fight scenes into action.
Animating Reptiles and Snakes
Aug 13, 2001
Unlike mammals, which primarily use their legs, snakes and reptiles use their bodies and spines for movement. Animation expert George Maestri demonstrates how to animate this reptilian movement realistically.
Animation for Games
Aug 13, 2001
Animating for games requires both knowing your game platform and using certain techniques for making your animation realistic yet playable. In this article, George Maestri offers a behind-the-scenes look at animating characters for gaming.
Animating Four-Legged Mammals
Aug 13, 2001
Most animators will need to bring a four-legged creature to life at some point in their careers. Animation expert George Maestri shows you how to breathe life into your creations.
Animating Rhythm And Dance
Aug 13, 2001
Animating dancing might seem intimidating, but it can be fun once you know how to do it. Animation expert George Maestri takes you through the basics of getting down to the beat.
Posing Digital Characters
Aug 13, 2001
Whether you animate with pencils, clay, or pixels, you need a strong foundation in animation fundamentals. In this article, George Maestri teaches you about posing your characters, be they people or otherwise-inanimate objects.
Rigging Characters
Aug 13, 2001
The goal of setup is to make it as direct and easy as possible for the animator to do the job. A character often needs to be animated as fast as the animator can think. Quality setup makes this an easier process, as animation expert George Maestri shows here.

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