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Final Cut Pro Power Tip: Keeping Files Under Control with Render Manager
Apr 7, 2006
Render files eat disk space surprisingly quickly. But with your Final Cut Pro files and folders set up according to Larry Jordan's advice, you can use the Render Manager to recover that lost space in a trice. (Maybe even half a trice!)
Final Cut Pro Power Tip: Setting a Position Keyframe in LiveType
Apr 21, 2006
The beauty of LiveType is that you can create dazzling text animation without a single keyframe. Larry Jordan shows the control that's possible when you start adding keyframes.
Final Cut Pro Transitions and Effects
May 16, 2003
Final Cut Pro has numerous transitions and effects. Diana Weynand explores their creation in this article.
Final Cut Pro X Advanced Editing: Working with Sound
May 29, 2012
Final Cut Pro X contains an impressive number of ways to improve your video’s sound. It has tools to set the audio levels to a uniform, accurate volume; multiple methods to create audio fades and four fade styles; intuitive controls for panning sound between speakers, in both stereo and surround sound environments; and much more. Learn how to work with sounds in Final Cut Pro X in this chapter from Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro X Advanced Editing.
Final Cut Pro X: Visual QuickStart Guide: Marking Clips
Jan 19, 2012
This chapter will cover different ways of identifying, selecting, and highlighting bits of clips in Final Cut Pro X.
Final Cut Pro: First Things First
Mar 14, 2003
Follow Michael Rubin through a personal tour of Final Cut Pro and get comfortable with its interface and navigation.
Gathering and Editing Video in Final Cut Pro
Jan 13, 2006
With the advent of nonlinear editing systems, editing is as much a technical art as it is aesthetic. Understanding some basic video approaches will not only improve your technical aptitude, but also allow you the freedom to concentrate on the art of editing. In this lesson, you'll observe the workflow of a typical video. Your project specifications may vary, but the principles of video workflow still hold. And since Final Cut Pro is adaptable, it will accommodate different approaches seamlessly.
How To Create Final Cut Pro Effects Using iMovie
Oct 22, 2004
Interview: Walter Murch
Nov 1, 2001
from Editing Techniques with Final Cut Pro, by Michael Wohl
Making the First Edit in Final Cut Pro X 10.1
Mar 20, 2014
In this excerpt from Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro X 10.1: Professional Post-Production, learn how to add and rearrange clips within a primary storyline; Ripple, Roll, and Slip trim clips; blade, replace with gap, ripple delete, and join through edit; perform connect edits; create and edit in a connected storyline; adjust audio levels; and share the project to a media file.
Making the First Edit in Final Cut Pro X 10.2
Jul 30, 2015
In this chapter from Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro X 10.2: Professional Post-Production, Brendan Boykin walks you through the first edit, or rough cut, of a project.
Media Management, Part 1: Technologies for Corporate and Educational Applications
Feb 4, 2005
This article is part 1 of a two-part series in which we take a look at some of the media management technologies for corporate and educational applications. In part 2, we'll take a look at the scaled-down versions of these technologies emerging for the home market.
News Flash: How to Log and Capture Footage from Videotape
Jul 14, 2008
Most broadcast organizations aspire to tapeless acquisition, but the reality is that most are still using videotape in the field. This sample chapter focuses on techniques that accelerate the process of working with videotape in a nonlinear environment, specifically as it relates to fast-paced news and sports editing.
Peachpit Press is First to Release New Final Cut Express Guide
Jan 9, 2003
Peachpit Press will be first on the scene with a reference tool to educate the new legions of Final Cut Express users, authored by Noted Digital Video Expert Lisa Brenneis.
Preprocessing: How Real Movie Magic is Made
May 5, 2008
In this excerpt from Real World Video Compression, author Andy Beach shares industrial-strength preprocessing techniques that will make your video look professional no matter what device you're watching it on.
Presets and Preferences in Final Cut Pro for Mac OS X
Oct 6, 2005
Final Cut Pro's designers have carefully organized the tools you use to configure settings and preferences. The goal of this organization is to make it much easier for editors using the most common hardware and video formats to configure FCP—and much more difficult for users to unintentionally modify individual settings within a preset configuration. This chapter covers in detail the various preferences and customization options that are available in Final Cut Pro.
Q&A with Lisa Brenneis
Oct 6, 2009
Peachpit marketing manager Damon Hampson interviews Lisa Brenneis, author of Final Cut Pro 7: Visual QuickPro Guide, about some of her favorite new features in Final Cut Pro 7, exciting new developments in the world of film/video production and editing, and why all-girl bands aren't for her.
Ten Questions with Larry Jordan, Award-Winning Producer, Director, and Editor
Feb 25, 2005
Find out what makes award-winning director, producer, and editor Larry Jordan tick (and get the skinny on his new book, Final Cut Pro HD Hands-on Training) in this interview.
The Best Final Cut Pro Workflow
Oct 17, 2003
Jerry Hofmann shows you how to develop the best Final Cut Pro editing workflow — one that works best for you.
The Import Process for Final Cut Pro X 10.1
Jan 12, 2015
Learn how to import media from Final Cut Pro X 10.1, including importing from a camera, importing from a volume, and media import options, in this excerpt from Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro X 10.1 Quick-Reference Guide.

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