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FrameMaker 7 Books and Generated Files
May 9, 2003
Victoria Thomas demonstrates how to build, index, format, and troubleshoot book files in FrameMaker 7.
New Features in FrameMaker 7
Sep 6, 2002
FrameMaker 7 provides you with user-friendly, powerful layout features and the ability to create structured documents. Lisa Jahred tells you what’s new in this big program that’s worth the learning curve.
Getting to Know FrameMaker’s Chapter and Volume Numbers
Jun 14, 2002
Discover how easy it is to add chapter and volume numbers to cross-references, run headers/footers, and generate lists in FrameMaker documents. Lisa Jahred shares the basics.
What’s New in Your FrameMaker Document?
Mar 15, 2002
How has your FrameMaker document changed since its last revision? Use document compare, as described by Lisa Jahred, and examine those changes at a glance!
Tricks with Tables in FrameMaker 6
Feb 8, 2002
Need to get document tables rotated or fit one inside another? This article shows you how to combine FrameMaker’s powerful features to create tables just the way you want them.
Getting the Most Out of FrameMaker's Spelling Checker Site Dictionary
Feb 1, 2002
Need to get everyone on the documentation project using the same electronic spelling checker dictionary? This article shows you how FrameMaker’s site dictionary can be your best friend in a workgroup environment.
Getting Started with FrameMaker's Character Formats
Jan 25, 2002
Save time and add a dash of style to text in documents with FrameMaker’s character formats.
The Ultimate Guide to FrameMaker's Paragraph Formats
Jan 18, 2002
Get acquainted with the concepts and techniques behind FrameMaker’s Paragraph Designer, the vessel that allows you to mix and match paragraph format ingredients.
Working with FrameMaker’s Master Pages
Jan 11, 2002
Discover the unique function behind FrameMaker’s master pages and how they work to produce the documentation results that you expect from such a robust programs.
Create FrameMaker Clickable Hyperlinks that Work in Acrobat
Dec 6, 2001
Learn how to save time by creating hypertext links in FrameMaker that work in Acrobat PDF.
Get Acquainted with Reference Frames in FrameMaker
Nov 30, 2001
Go behind the scenes of reference frames, which is one of FrameMaker's many remarkable and unique features.
How to Create a Newsletter Using Connected and Disconnected Text Frames in FrameMaker 6
Nov 16, 2001
In this article, you find out how to get FrameMaker text flowing in the right direction every time you create a newsletter.
Working with Multicolumn Page Layouts in FrameMaker 6
Nov 9, 2001
This article focuses on the techniques necessary to create and work with multicolumn layouts in FrameMaker 6, and gives you some techniques to work with text, graphic, and table elements in multiple columns.
Techniques for Converting Paragraph and Character Tags in FrameMaker 6
Nov 2, 2001
Find out how to easily convert paragraph and character tags in FrameMaker 6, apply character tags to styled text, and learn a foolproof method of applying one Paragraph Designer property to many Paragraph tags with just a couple of clicks.
Taking Control of Pagination in FrameMaker 6
Oct 26, 2001
FrameMaker 6 moves beyond simple pagination techniques. Read this article to learn how you can take control of pagination in FrameMaker 6 documents with just a few clicks.
Adding Prefixes to Page Numbering in Generated Lists in FrameMaker
Sep 7, 2001
New Riders author and FrameMaker expert Lisa Jahred shows you how to add prefixes to page numbers referenced in the table of contents or index list. You also learn how to add a text prefix to page numbers in generated files.
Finding Unresolved Cross-References and Their Sources in FrameMaker
Sep 7, 2001
New Riders author and FrameMaker expert Lisa Jahred shows you how to overcome the challenges regarding finding and fixing unresolved cross references in FrameMaker.
Understanding the Unresolved Cross-References Window in FrameMaker
Sep 7, 2001
New Riders author and FrameMaker expert Lisa Jahred shows you how to overcome the challenges of unresolved cross-references by using FrameMaker’s Update Unresolved Cross-References window.
Working with Multiple Page Number Styles in an Index in FrameMaker
Sep 7, 2001
A good index can make or break a book. New Riders author and FrameMaker expert Lisa Jahred shows you how to work with multiple prefix page number styles when creating an index using FrameMaker.