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Flash Scrolling Without Boundaries
Jun 7, 2002
Learn how to make your own simple, gesture-driven component that simplifies users' interaction with your website and saves them time.
Flash Usability, Part 2: Making the Flash Part
Sep 13, 2002
In Part 1 you set the design guidelines to make the text size button usable when designing your Web site with Flash. Now learn about the JavaScript that makes it work in Part 2.
Flash Usability, Part 3: Building the Web Page
Sep 20, 2002
Continue your four-part lesson in preserving the text size button's functionality when working with Flash by building the HTML page for your movie in Part 3.
Flash Usability, Part 4: Building the Main Movie
Sep 26, 2002
In this final article in the series, you build a test Flash movie to make sure that the text size button still works on your Web page.
Flash Usability: 25 Tips for Better Websites
Sep 2, 2001
Care about usability but need some practical advice? David Emberton gives you the low-down.
Flash Usability: Sizing Up Text, Part 1
Sep 6, 2002
When using Flash to improve your Web site, you risk breaking the browser's basic functionality, potentially rendering the text size button unusable. Find out how to make that button work again.
Flash Video 101: An Overview of Working with Flash
Sep 8, 2006
Why Flash video? With all its new capabilities, Flash has developed into an excellent platform for delivering video and many other types of media. In this article, which will be followed up with a series of articles providing more details, James Gonzalez provides a summary and overview of how to author and publish Flash video projects.
Flash Video 101: Authoring Flash Video with Dreamweaver
Sep 29, 2006
Importing video directly into Dreamweaver is ideal for situations in which you want to put video onto your site quickly and easily, with no interactive elements beyond simple video controls (play, stop, pause, skip ahead, and skip backward). James Gonzalez shows you how to quickly and easily add Flash video to a Web site using Dreamweaver, the world's leading HTML editor.
Flash Video 101: Best Practices for Capturing and Encoding Flash Video for Web Delivery
Sep 15, 2006
Before you start a Flash video Web project, you must balance a variety of factors to ensure that you start with the highest quality, smallest video files as possible. Join James Gonzalez for a review of the best practices for achieving the best possible video image quality and viewing experience.
Flash Video 101: Controlling Flash Video with the FLV Playback Component
Oct 6, 2006
You have several options for controlling the playback of video in a Flash file. In this article, author James Gonzalez reviews the best of these options: the Flash FLVPlayback component. Read on to learn more about this new and powerful Flash component and how to take advantage of its rich feature set to quickly and easily control all aspects of Flash video playback.
Flash Video 101: Flash Video Delivery Options
Sep 22, 2006
When it comes to delivering Flash video, there's no shortage of options. Macromedia Flash Basic 8 and Macromedia Flash Professional 8 provide several ways for you to include video in your Flash documents. How you choose to deploy your video will determine how you create your video content and how you integrate it for use with Flash. In this article, James Gonzalez gives you a thorough rundown of all the options available for delivering Flash video to your audience.
Flash Video 101: How to Customize the FLV Playback Component
Oct 20, 2006
It's easy to customize the playback appearance and controls of Flash video to match the design or functionality of any project. James Gonzalez demonstrates how to customize the FLVPlayback component by using Flash's built-in custom UI components. He also explains how to create entirely new skins by modifying these components with Flash's graphic editing tools.
Flash Video 101: Stream Video Using The Flash Media Server 2
Nov 3, 2006
Streaming video from a Flash Media Server provides the most complete, consistent, and robust way to deliver your Flash video projects. In this article, author James Gonzalez provides development tips and a summary review of the Media Server's features, capabilities, components, server architecture, and more.
Flash Video 101: Streaming Flash Video from a Reliable Content Delivery Network
Nov 10, 2006
If you're interested in gaining all the benefits of streaming your Flash video from a dedicated media server, but are concerned about all the costs and time involved, this article is for you. Author James Gonzalez reviews how to employ Flash Video Streaming Services (FVSS), hosted by a variety of content delivery networks, to do the hard work for you.
Flash Video 101: Using Alpha Video
Nov 17, 2006
Flash 8 now supports alpha transparency, which lets you encode video with the background removed so you can overlay the subject of the video on top of other Flash content. In this article, author James Gonzalez gives you the lowdown on this new Flash video capability. If you're a Flash developer interested in gaining a basic knowledge about adding an alpha transparency layer to your video and incorporating it into your applications, this article is for you.
Flash Video 101: Working with Video Cue Points in Flash Professional 8
Oct 27, 2006
Cue points can be inserted directly into your Flash video (FLV) files to accomplish a variety of tasks. James Gonzalez shows you how to work with video cue points and use them with ActionScript to add powerful seek functionality to a playback interface.
Flash: It's All Grown Up Now
May 25, 2001
Flash is no longer a program in its formative years; it's all grown up! So what's changed in the 15 months in between versions 4 and 5? Let Derek Franklin, co-author of Flash 5! Creative Web Animation, walk you through the highlights.
Flashy Flash On the Go: Creating Animations For Cell Phones
Jul 20, 2007
Adobe Ambassador Mike McHugh shows how to use Illustrator CS3—combined with Adobe’s Device Central CS3 and Flash CS3—to create animations that can be played on a cell phone. The best part? No ActionScript required.
Free Audio Tools that Work with Flash
Mar 24, 2006
One of Flash's many strengths is its capability to consistently and reliably play back sound across a wide variety of computer platforms and environments. Flash has a comprehensive set of utilities and tools to work with audio, but there are several free, dedicated audio tools that can do an even better job. James Gonzalez reviews several free audio tools that he has used professionally and with his students to streamline audio work with Flash.
From Flash to Flex: Creating ActionScript Components for Flex
Jul 27, 2007
Kris Hadlock explains how to create an ActionScript component for Flex by using XML as a data source to offer reusability in your Flex applications.

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