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Introduction to Flash Video Encoder
Mar 31, 2006
The new Flash Video Encoder is a separate application that can significantly improve your Flash video production workflow by providing an easy way to convert video files into the Flash Video (FLV) format and can perform batch processing of video files. With these new capabilities, Flash has developed into an excellent platform for delivering video and many other types of media. James Gonzalez lets you in on ways to encode video using this great new tool.
External Communications with Flash 8: How to Use the ExternalInterface
Mar 24, 2006
Kris Hadlock explores the use of the ExternalInterface class in Flash 8. With ExternalInterface, you can build robust object-oriented Flash applications that can be connected to the outside world and tied to databases and other server-side processes.
Free Audio Tools that Work with Flash
Mar 24, 2006
One of Flash's many strengths is its capability to consistently and reliably play back sound across a wide variety of computer platforms and environments. Flash has a comprehensive set of utilities and tools to work with audio, but there are several free, dedicated audio tools that can do an even better job. James Gonzalez reviews several free audio tools that he has used professionally and with his students to streamline audio work with Flash.
How to Design Flash Pages for Google
Mar 10, 2006
Google is now indexing Flash content! James Gonzalez tells you how to determine which Flash content Google is actually indexing and how to optimize this content to achieve better rankings in Google's search results.
How To Handle AJAX Responses
Feb 10, 2006
User interaction drives Web sites. It's essential to understand how to handle the responses, especially with new forms of interaction such as AJAX. Kris Hadlock covers the essentials of the AJAX request-and-response process that you need to know to be ready for user interaction.
How to Build Applications in Dreamweaver
Jan 20, 2006
Whether you're totally new to Dreamweaver or just creating dynamic Web applications with the program, this chapter will help you find your bearings. The first part explores the Dreamweaver workspace with an emphasis on its application-building capabilities. The rest of the chapter deals specifically with the basics of Web application tools that are standard in Dreamweaver. Everything from applying server behaviors to working in Live Data view is described.
How to Use Text in Flash 8
Jan 13, 2006
Text is an important part of most Web sites, particularly informational or commercial sites. In this lesson, you'll add and format the properties of many text fields in Flash. You'll learn how to add a Filter effect to a static text field. You'll also spell check the entire document before you finish the lesson. This lesson gives you a foundation in the way text and fonts work and a good basis for using increasingly complex methods of working with text and components.
Customize Dreamweaver Using Extensions
Jan 6, 2006
As a Web developer, you might want to write an extension for Dreamweaver to handle a commonly used, and therefore repetitive, task. Or, you might have a unique requirement that you can satisfy only by writing an extension for the specific situation. In both cases, Dreamweaver provides an extensive set of tools that you can use to add to or to customize its functionality. This sample chapter discusses a number of ways you can extend Dreamweaver to suit your Web development needs.
Deprecated Items in ActionScript 2.0 and Some Suggested Alternatives
Jan 6, 2006
The evolution of ActionScript has deprecated many elements of the language. This section lists the deprecated items and suggests alternatives when available.
Lynda Weinman on What's Next for Flash in 2006
Jan 6, 2006
With Macromedia and Adobe united as one, what's to become of Flash? Lynda Weinman, founder of and the Flashforward Conference & Film Festival, takes a peek at her crystal ball and shares some of her predictions for 2006.
A Beginner's Look At ActionScript
Dec 9, 2005
ActionScript 2.0 offers new features unavailable in the previous version. This chapter explains what ActionScript is, and how 2.0 allows for greater customization of behaviors and scripts for Macromedia Flash animations.
Working with Layers in Fireworks 8
Dec 1, 2005
The Layers feature is a powerful tool that helps you manage and organize objects on your page. Layers are transparent planes where you can create and store objects. In this lesson, you will create a Web page and use layers to control the placement of objects on the page.
Create a Banner in Flash 8
Nov 23, 2005
In part one of this tutorial, you learned how to create the basic layout of a banner ad. In this part, you will learn to create symbols, animation, and even write some simple ActionScript to make the banner function in this continuation tutorial.
Is Microsoft's Sparkle the New Flash?
Nov 11, 2005
Anyone who spends any time on the Web is familiar with Flash presentations. They're practically inescapable, they're usually fast, and they're easy to create. And now, they're in danger of being replaced—that is, if you’re buying what Microsoft has to sell you. Matthew David previews Microsoft's answer to the ubiquitous Flash: a new product whose beta name is "Sparkle."
Optimizing Your Flash 8 Workspace and Revealing Hidden Features
Oct 28, 2005
Looking for the hidden ways to make Flash 8 work for you? Robert Hoekman, Jr. reveals hidden features, demonstrates how to optimize your workspace, and offers tips galore.
Introducing Macromedia Fireworks 8
Oct 14, 2005
Fireworks 8 delivers a huge number of tools that allow you to work at your creative best when editing and manipulating graphics. Matthew David's rapid-fire overview will whet your appetite for this much-improved new version.
Extending AJAX with the Flash/JavaScript Integration Kit
Oct 6, 2005
Want more control over the user experience? Because Flash makes graphical programming quick, easy, and attractive, and because JavaScript is very effective at manipulating HTML, they can be leveraged to focus on their strengths. Kris Hadlock shows you how to extend AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) by cross-communicating between Flash and JavaScript. Discover how this technique enables technologies to focus on specialized tasks, and helps create the ultimate user experience.
Macromedia Studio 8: Making All the Apps Play Nice
Oct 6, 2005
Matthew David discusses how the latest version of Macromedia Studio hones the individual Studio apps to help your Web team create a tightly integrated Web site, with a minimum of duplicated effort.
What's New in Dreamweaver 8?
Sep 30, 2005
After years of using Dreamweaver, Matthew David is excited by the latest version's new features for designers and developers. He covers his new favorites in this article.
Set Up a Basic Web Page in Dreamweaver MX 2004
Sep 23, 2005
Never built a Web page before? No problem. Author J. Tarin Towers walks you through creating a simple Web page in Dreamweaver MX 2004 that uses tables, links, images, and text. She also shows you how to adjust properties of a page, including the title and page background, as well as how to select and use colors in Dreamweaver.

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