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Animating a Logotype in Flash MX
By Brad Kozak
Dec 13, 2002
This lesson takes a previously created logo and animates it using Macromedia Flash MX.
Drawing in Flash
By Sandro Corsaro
Dec 13, 2002
This chapter focuses on the various tools artists can use to draw in Flash. Whether you want to splatter paint with your Wacom tablet or draw line art with a mouse, Flash offers an array of choices.
Flash Usability, Part 4: Building the Main Movie
By Michelangelo Capraro, Duncan McAlester
Sep 26, 2002
In this final article in the series, you build a test Flash movie to make sure that the text size button still works on your Web page.
Flash Usability, Part 3: Building the Web Page
By Michelangelo Capraro, Duncan McAlester
Sep 20, 2002
Continue your four-part lesson in preserving the text size button's functionality when working with Flash by building the HTML page for your movie in Part 3.
Flash Usability, Part 2: Making the Flash Part
By Michelangelo Capraro, Duncan McAlester
Sep 13, 2002
In Part 1 you set the design guidelines to make the text size button usable when designing your Web site with Flash. Now learn about the JavaScript that makes it work in Part 2.
Flash Usability: Sizing Up Text, Part 1
By Michelangelo Capraro, Duncan McAlester
Sep 6, 2002
When using Flash to improve your Web site, you risk breaking the browser's basic functionality, potentially rendering the text size button unusable. Find out how to make that button work again.
Interface Design for Devices
By Branden Hall
Aug 23, 2002
Learn about common interface issues, considerations you need to keep in mind when developing for devices, how to use specially built interface components for devices, and how to optimize the code that makes up your user interfaces.
Getting Dynamic Data into Macromedia Flash
By Matthew David
Aug 9, 2002
Learn how Flash MX can receive content from a database and then present it within a Flash Movie. Open up a whole new world of possibilities by learning how to get database content into this dynamic tool for building entire websites.
8 Tasks in Flash MX
By David J. Emberton
Jul 26, 2002
David Emberton walks you through eight common tasks in Flash MX that demonstrate some of the biggest reasons why you should upgrade to the new version.
Flash MX Animation Techniques
By Jody Keating
Jul 19, 2002
Flash animation is modeled on the same principles used in the large-scale animation productions of yesteryear. Use the fundamentals of Flash to develop successful character animation, from personality to environment.
Macromedia Flash MX Integration with Dreamweaver
By Matthew David
Jul 19, 2002
Macromedia is providing the tools to integrate Flash multimedia within Dreamweaver websites. Matthew David discusses the single program that combines those two worlds together as a seamless whole.
The Tip of the Flash MX Iceberg
By Robert Hall
Jul 19, 2002
Want to incorporate your webcam feed into your Flash MX-based Web site? This article by Robert M. Hall includes explanations and free example source code you can incorporate into your projects.
Complex Flash MX Graphics on a Single Layer
By Katherine Ulrich
Jun 21, 2002
To work effectively with complex graphics, you need to understand how Flash shapes interact when they are on the same layer or on different layers. In this chapter, you learn how to work with multiple shapes on one layer.
Introducing ActionScript
By Derek Franklin, Jobe Makar
Jun 21, 2002
Get ready to be introduced to your new best friend: ActionScript! This sample chapter will show you some compelling reasons for learning ActionScripting, as well as what makes it tick.
Using Symbols and the Library in Flash MX
By Chrissy Rey
Jun 21, 2002
In this sample chapter, you'll learn to use Flash MX's symbols, libraries, and the Movie Explorer to manage your movies and keep them small, fast, and organized. You will also learn how to use and how to import bitmaps.
A Critical Look at Flash MX
By David Emberton
Jun 14, 2002
Venture beyond regular software reviews and get some practical advice on what Flash MX has to offer you. David Emberton cuts through the "marketese" to discover the real Flash 6.0.
Adding Graphics and Text in Flash MX
By Chrissy Rey
Jun 14, 2002
Flash provides multiple tools to let you precisely control the placement of elements, including rulers, guides, panels, and the Property inspector. In this lesson, you'll learn to use all of these.
Getting a Handle on ActionScript
By Russell Chun
Jun 14, 2002
This sample chapter will teach you how to use ActionScript to create effective Flash interaction by giving you the sound ActionScripting foundation upon which you can build your Flash literacy.
The Power of Confusion
By Joshua Davis
Jun 14, 2002
Step into the mind of Joshua Davis, Flash designer and unique thinker, and see how he looks at life and how his interpretations of the world around him influence his art — and his book.
Building Complexity in Flash MX
By Russell Chun
Jun 7, 2002
This sample chapter describes approaches to building complex animations through layering, combining, and extending basic Flash capabilities.

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